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Dry Spell – going without

August 13, 2018
6:05 pm

Sometimes by choice, sometimes not, everyone has dry spells.
How does going without effect you? How does you cope. I have two special guests coming in to talk about their dry spells and how they deal with going without.
10pm Monday night, on Sex Cels
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F*ng While Fat –

May 21, 2018
5:29 pm

 * How I learned to stop worrying and love my jiggly butt.

With the average American woman being size 18, and the average man being 40 inches, representation of the average American in the media is extremely lacking. And when it comes to sex, non-existent. Yet millions of Americans of average and above size, enjoy active and adventurous sex lives. While many more are made feel left out, self-conscious, and, sometimes, even undeserving of a healthy sex life by the poor representation of the sex lives of real people like them in films, magazines, and videos.

The luscious Velvet Siren drops in to tell us some of her sexy secrets, loving her jiggly butt, the ins and outs of fucking while fat.

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TERF Slam!

May 14, 2018
6:42 pm

Many of us spend a lot of energy keeping our cool while trying confronting ignorance and hate online, while fighting misinformation with calm, collected facts. All the while, fielding the bile spewing from trolls whose heads are exploding from their small-minded reality being challenged, who, between mouth-frothing, nonsensical diatribes, calls anyone who doesn’t agree with them “snowflakes”, and then insists it was all a joke. We have been hacked, doxxed, and just run emotionally ragged, all in the fight against uninformed, fear-based hate.
Tonight, we put down the kid gloves and let it all out. We are calling out TERFs on their hateful bullshit, and pulling no punches

Join us on Sex Cels for the first ever TERF Slam
10pm, Monday nights, on Radio Valencia

Have anything you want to say? You can leave Sex Cels a text or Voice Mail at (415) 335-6936

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iPoly – Poly in TV Land vs The Real World

April 30, 2018
7:41 pm

Tonight –
We get a lot of our ideas of alternative relationships from tv. This season, iZombie has been trying to build an open relationship in their story. Tonight, Professional Poly Coach, Magenta from PolyCoach.Org, will be on to tell us where the writers get it right, where they get it wrong, and where they get it right about how real poly can go wrong.

10pm on Sex Cels

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Consent and Boundaries for Mere Humans

April 23, 2018
7:59 pm







Recently, there has been great progress in people teaching consent and boundaries. There are many handy logos and catchphrases to teach and remind people of the perfect behavior in ideal scenarios.

But what about us imperfect people in real life scenarios? How does someone whose job it is to watch and enforce those boundaries in very vulnerable and intimate settings handle broken boundaries and miscommunication? Special guest Dr. Jen La Riz of Mission Control takes the goal of perfect consent and brings it down to a very human level.

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We are listening, but are we Understanding?

January 22, 2018
8:21 pm

10pm Monday night on Sex Cels

“Loneliness does not come from being alone, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important.”
– Carl Jung

Words are powerful. They effect the way we think, the way we feel, even the way we view things. In this era, we can connect ideas near the speed of light. Communication is at an all time. We are hearing each other, but are we speaking the same language?
We connect to the words we use, meaning we have learned in schools and from peoples usage around us. But we also connect an emotional connotation from our personal experiences and relations to the words. “Red” might mean love or passion to some, and anger or violence to others. “Moist” might make some mouths water, while it sets others teeth on edge.
The words around discussing Sex are no different. Since the subject of sex has been veiled by euphemisms, double talk, and sly “entendres”, and confused by shifting medical and legal jargon. Impassioned discussions and frank discussions often seem to become quickly heated while everyone feels unheard and dismissed. But cut through the heated emotion, you will often find people saying many of the same things in different words and phrases. Other times you will find people just don’t understand points of view because their understanding of the definitions and experiences of certain words is limited.
How do we get past the hurdle of subjective language and really communicate?

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