Sex Cels

The Monster and The Virgin

October 29, 2018
8:29 pm











Tis the season of horror. And tonight, along with Shannon E. Hubbell from the movie site Lewton Bus ,we discuss the classic horror movie pairing – SEX AND MONSTERS. Who lives, who dies, and who gets laid.

So tune in at 10pm to Sex Cels and explore The Monster and The Virgin.

We love beer and premarital sex!

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Diego Has Toys – 10/15 at 10pm

October 15, 2018
3:45 pm

Diego (DakaDiego on FetLife) designs and builds Party Furniture. He has designed and built a portable Saint Andrews Cross. Spanking Bench, and is working on a pillory stockade.


He has a Violet Wand, ET-312 Fukuoko Gloves, and a massive suitcase full of other special, unique and fun toys!

And Monday night, he will be bringing them into Radio Valencia for us to play with.

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Holy Balls! It’s RJ!

October 1, 2018
5:19 pm

Holy Balls! It’s RJ!
It’s Burlesque photographer and resident Recovering Asshole, RJ’s birthday. Tune in tonights as we wish him a happy birthday and he imparts the wisdom from another year around the sun.
Special guests Goth Kitty, Mysti Stranger, and Diego.

10pm Monday on Radio Valencia

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