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Don’t Miss Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on Sonic Subversion

Thursday, February 2

Live! In Person! In The Radio Valencia Studio Friday 4pm to 6pm – Listen in!
This is the cosmic culmination of my recent obsession of all things GBP-O, for the last number of months i have been playing Throbbing Gristle and or Psychic TV on every episode of the Sonic Subversion Program, and apparently it created a hole in reality which then created a powerful gravitational psychic force, drawing Gen right into our little sonic laboratory and audio alchemists workshop… perhaps that’s how it happened.
Genesis and filmmaker Marie Losier will be on hand to discuss the impending release of The Documentary film “The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye”, Ferrara Brain Pan from Radio Valencia’s “No Such Program” will also be on hand to help steer the discussion into interesting areas, and hopefully Gen will play some new and interesting music for us all.

Here is the Facebook event listing:!/events/140325132751525/

There is a special meet and greet party Tonight (Thursday night) at 7:30 pm at SF Camerawork 1011 Market Street at 6th if you want to come.

Dig some past episodes of The Sonic Subversion Program at

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