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Amazing Guests On The Sonic Subversion Show

Tuesday, June 19

There have been some interesting guests on The Sonic Subversion Show lately.

If you are interested in a tour of the 20th century in music, check out writer and music historian John Olivar on his recent appearance on the show: , as well as the last time he was on:

Peter Nyboer, Creator of the Livid Instruments electronic controller came on the show with some interesting music:

Janine (aka J9 and Music By Proxy) is a frequent guest of the show, and provides lots of music and information to all our shows. Here is the last time she was on:
J9 will be on the next episode as well, this Friday June 22.

And it is certainly hard to top the time Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (one of our favorite artists here at Sonic Subversion) and filmmaker Marie Losier came on the show to promote their film along with a nice interview with myself and Ferrara Brain Pan from “No Such Program”.

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