All Yesterday’s Parties

Thursday, November 1

  • Horror Bull


George Lucas + John Williams

John Duncan – Ceremony / “An American Werewolf In London”

(excerpts from) “Christmas In Germany”

Finger Of God

Mark Mancina w/ Edward & Alex Van Halen – Respect The Wind / World Standard – Montage: Lonesome Hoboland

John Duncan – Flare

Atom Heart (w/ Tetsu Inoue & Bill Laswell) – Landing Cycle

(excerpts from) “Don’t Let The Devil Blow Your Mind”

John Oswald – Transilience

Daniel Johnston – Devil Town

Thom Blum – Five Haiku

(excerpts from) “Baraka”

(excerpts from) “Bob Wllkins Super Horror Show”

(excerpts from) “A Bug’s Life”

Krzysztof Penderecki – De Natura Sonoris No.2

| (excerpts from) “Barton Fink”

(excerpts from) “the Horror”

Unknown Organist

| John Oswald – Skindling Shades

O. Blaat – Scatsil

Dmitri Tiomkin – Land Of The Pharoahs (vocal)

(excerpts from) “Radio Inferno”

Korla Pandit – Miserlou

God Of War

(excerpts from) “The Fog” / Grim Grinning Ghosts (music box)

Boyd Rice – People

Violent Onsen Geisha – Hell Vain / Hans Zimmer – A Storm Is Coming

(excerpts from) “The Shining”

Thomas Dimuzio – Monaural

Bela Lugosi Interview

Brian Eno – Old Brompton Road

Chris Watson – Gahlitzerstrom. Ummanz, Rügen

Howard Shore – Sanitarium

Boris Karloff (Nuclear War) / Warner Bros. SFX (Marvin’s Lab)

Boris Karloff Interview / Hans Salter – Searching The Castle

The Cramps – Fever

(excerpts from) “Hell House”

(excerpts from) “The Cable Guy” / “The Hollywood Strangler”

Tragic Kettledrums / Eye Gouged Out / Legs Cut Off!

(excerpts from) “The Wicker Man”

The Pogues – Night On Bald Mountain

Voice-Over Sessions (Paul Frees: The Haunted Mansion / Michael Jackson + Vincent Price: Thriller)

Maggi Payne – Moiré

Philip Jeck – A7.87

Lux Intererior

Lustmord – Godeater

(excerpts from) “The Haunted Mansion”

Heller – Jne3.3

(excerpts from) “Witchcraft & Magic: An Adventure In Demonology”

Diamanda Galas – Vena Cava

Flieger empor – Traditionell / (excerpts from) “Saving Private Ryan”

Danny Elfman – This Is Halloween (no vocal)

(excerpts from) “Spook Stuff for Halloween”

Ruth White – Polka from The Age of Gold

(excerpts from) “The Birds”

Dusty Springfield – Spooky

Dekoboko Hajime & Yamantaka Eye – Pulp Wars

DJ Spooky – In The Valley Of Shadows … (DJ Spooky Takes A Walk Through New York City)

Ruth White – The Litanies Of Satan

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