Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! #61: Easter Tingling In Marjoe’s Bosom

Monday, April 6


Brothers and Sisters, we are gathered here, during this 61st congregation, searching for salvation… finding the path to righteous tunes… DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT? This Easter egg stunt is ON. Bless your ears and ease your mind, when Marjoe speaks it’s rockin’ time!



I’ve Got Levitation by Thirteenth Floor Elevators from Easter Everywhere (1967)
Saved by Devendra Barnhardt from Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon (2007)
Going To Heaven To Meet The King by June Samuels with The Anointed Ones from Marjoe soundtrack (1972)
Overture by David Axelrod from David Axelrod’s Rock Interpretation Of Handel’s Messiah (1971)

Heaven Help the Child by Mickey Newbury from Heaven Help the Child (1973)
Golden Child Of God by Emitt Rhodes from Mirror (1971)
To Kingdom Come by The Band from Music From Big Pink (1968)
Would You Believe by Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends from Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends (1970)
The Life I Live by Q65 from Revolution (1966)
The Butterfly and I by The Shocking Blue from Shocking Blue (1970)
The Other Side Of Life by the Deidre Wilson Tabac from The Deirdre Wilson Tabac (1969)

Uncloudy Day by The Staple Singers from Uncloudy Day (1959)
Hell With The Lid Off by Marjoe (age 8) from Marjoe soundtrack (1972)
Amazing Grace by Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers from Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers (1976)
Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits from Mule Variations (1999)
Look At The Rain by Meat Puppets from Huevos (1987)
Unwashed and Slightly Dazed by David Bowie from Space Oddity (1969/1972)

Melt Away by Galaxie 500 from This Is Our Music (1990)
Magica by Os Mutantes from Mutantes (1969)
Telephone Girl by Jade Warrior from Jade Warrior (1971)
Observation Crest by Captain Beefheart from Bluejeans and Moonbeams (1974)
Another Sleep Song by Graham Nash from Wild Tales (1973)

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