Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! #68: Tina Lucchesi! She’s So Tuff

June 15, 2015
11:52 am


Folks, we’ve got a San Francisco living legend in the hot seat for this one. The Bay Area has produced some of the most livliest and raunchiest rock n roll for decades now. The “budget” punk rock scene here that emerged out of the late 80’s is among the most influential worldwide and if a single lady were appointed Queen of such a scene, Tina “Boom Boom” Lucchesi would undoubtedly be it. Playing in a zillion bands over the last 20+ years that include The Trashwomen, The Glamour Pussies, Top Ten, The Bobbyteens and most recently Cyclops, Tina rules it pretty hard. And let’s not forget subscribing to the true DIY aesthetic of running her own label, making records, t-shirts, countless flyers and all the thankless long hours that go into that. She is also owner of the hip hair salon and vintage clothing store Down At LuLu’s in Oakland! Listen how Tina does it all right here.



Rock N Roll Show by The Bobbyteens from 7″ single (1999)
Dragula by The Trashwomen from Lust 7″ EP (1992)
Jerkin’ It To The Trashwomen by The Wongs from Get Away Ep (1996)
She’s So Tuff by Tina and the Total Babes from She’s So Tuff (2001)
Eyeball/Lost Eye by Cyclops from 7″ Eyeball EP (2014)

Record Shop by Bitchschool from Bitchschool 7″ EP (1998)
Bored Bored Bored/Flip Out by Loli & The Chones from PS We Hate You (1997)
Gold Digger by The Glamour Pussies from 7″ EP (2002)
Normal by The Petticoats from Normal 7″ EP (1980)
Tell That Girl To Shut Up by Holly & The Italians from 7″ single (1979)
Leather Jackets In The Heat by Piss Test from 7″ EP (2014)
Gin by Quaaludes from Nothing New 7″ EP (2014)

Follow The Trend by The Cichlids from Be True To Your School (1980)
Shoot the Groopie by Spoiled Brats from VS. Buttafuoco 7″ EP (1994)
Sex and Drugs by Deadly Weapons from Get Right In There (2004)
I Don’t Wash My Hands by The Triggers from Shoot Your Mouth Off (2003)
Fast and Frightning by L7 from Smell the Magic (1990)
Never Get Enough by Top Ten from 7″ EP (2005)
At First Sight by The Stems from 7″ single (1987)

Down At The Rock N Roll Club by Richard Hell and The Voidoids from Blank Generation (1977)
Deuce by Redd Kross from Teen Babes From Monsanto (1984)
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) by The Rolling Stones from Goats Head Soup (1973)
Alone In My Room by Dwight Twilley from Twilley (1979)
Oh Oh I Love Her So by Ramones from It’s Alive (1977/1979)

One Eye/Eyetro by Cyclops from Escape From Cyclops Island (2014)


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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #67: Walkin’ After Midnight with Emily Jane White

June 8, 2015
8:45 pm


Oakland based singer/songwriter Emily Jane White takes DJ Jim G for a stroll through her impressive discography (four albums to date) and musical influences. Plenty of “roots” are found on this path as well as long, dark shadows that hold a well of inspiration. Emily provides an excellent sonic beacon into this darkness…



Walking After Midnight by Patsy Cline from 45 single (1962)
Devil’s Gonna Get You by Bessie Smith from Empty Bed Blues (192?/1971)
Bessie Smith by Emily Jane White from Dark Undercoat (2007)

Human Fly by The Cramps from Frank Further and The Hot Dogs (1978)
To Bring You My Love by PJ Harvey from To Bring You My Love (1995)
The Wall by Johnny Cash from Folsom Prison (1968)
The Vampire by Buffy Sainte-Marie from Illuminations (1969)
Red Serpent by Emily Jane White from Victorian America (2009)

O Superman by Laurie Anderson from Big Science (1981)
St. John The Gambler by Townes Van Zandt from Our Mother The Mountain (1969)
Alice Wading by Dirty Three from She Has No Strings Apollo (2003)
His Rest by Woven Hand from The Threshingfloor (2010)

Lost Gems by Silence in The Snow from single (2015)
Faster Than The Devil by Emily Jane White from Blood/Lines (2014)
Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith from Wave (1979)
Rainy Night House by Joni Mitchell from Ladies Of the Canyon (1970)


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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #66: Full Moon June Gloom

June 1, 2015
9:59 am


Electricity is cranked high as the full moon greets June’s front door. Summer’s approaching. Let’s crack the sky with gusto.



99th Floor by Moving Sidewalks from Flash (1967/2008)
All By Myself by Heartbreakers from Live at Max’s Kansas City (1979)
Model Citizen (Nitroglycerine) by Monoshock from 7″ single (1995)
Rrrrrrright by Deerhoof from Runners Four (2005)
Unbelievable by Killdozer from 7″ single (1993)
American Society by Eddie & The Subtiltes from Fuck You Eddie! 7″ (1980)

Sunbeam by Knife World from Knife World (2008)
The Nile Song by The Pink Floyd from Soundtrack “More” (1969)
First Time Shapeshifter by Ava Mendoza with Nick Tamburro from Quit Your Unnatural Ways (2012)
Transient Amplitude by Medusa from First Step Beyond (1975/2013)
Crack The Skye by Mastodon from Crack the Skye (2009)
Last Chance by Witchfinder General from Friends of Hell (1983)

Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues by Nina Simone from To Love Somebody (1969)
Have You Ever Seen The Blues by Yaphet Kotto from 45 single (1967)
Steel Meringue by Original Trinidad Steel Band from Original Trinidad Steel Band (1960)
Streets of Calcutta by Ananda Shankar from Ananda Shankar And His Music (1975)
Innocence by Shanti from Shanti (1971)
Friends with Benefits by Jim O’Rourke from Simple Songs (2015)

Working For The Man by PJ Harvey from To Bring You My Love (1995)
Open Your Eyes by Avengers from Avengers (1983)
I Can’t See You by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966)
Who Knows by Marion Black from Eccentric Soul: the Capsoul Label (1970/2004)


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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #65: A Touching Display with Wire’s Graham Lewis

May 25, 2015
12:00 pm


One of the most important and ground breaking musical & art combos to emerge from the UK punk/new wave scene, WIRE, whom many will agree is one of the forerunners in “post-punk”, return to San Francisco May 29th to perform and support their 2015 album, “Wire”. Between 1977 and 1979, Wire released three albums (Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, 154) that quickly changed the scope of what was to be expected of this “new wave”. Anything was possible.

Founding member Graham Lewis (bassist and vocalist) talks about touring, their long career and processes as W!C!P! dedicates three hours to nearly 40 years of some of the most provoking and unique music that created “post-punk” and challenge the pop format forever.



In The Art of Stopping by Wire from Read And Burn 01 EP (2002)
Pink Flag by Wire from Pink Flag (1977)
Sand In My Joints by Wire from Chairs Missing (1978)
A Touching Display by Wire from 154 (1979)

Burning Bridges by Wire from Wire (2015)
Please Take by Wire from Red Barked Tree (2010)
Time Lock Fog by Wire from Change Becomes Us (2013)
Mekon Headman by Wire from Object 47 (2008)

I Am The Fly by Wire from Peel Sessions (1978/1989)
Feed Me (Live) by Wire from Ahead EP (1987)
Ritual View by Wire from Turns and Strokes (1980/1996)
To Speak by Dome from Will You Speak This Word (1982)

I Hate You by Monks from Black Monk Time (1966)
Lowdown (Live) by Wire from The Roxy London WC2 (1977)
12XU by Minor Threat from Complete Discography (1981/1989)
Mr. Suit by The New Bomb Turks from Destroy-Oh-Boy! (1993)
Outdoor Miner by Lush from For Love EP (1991)
Mannequin by fIREHOSE from Totem Pole Live EP (1993)
Heartbeat by Big Black from 7″ single (1987)

Like This For Ages by Cupol from Like This For Ages (1980)
Ally In Exile by Wire from Document and Eyewitness (1981)
Remove For Improvement by Colin Newman from Not To (1982)
Could You? by He Said from Take Care (1988)
Sleep Walking by Wire from Wire (2015)
12XU by Wire (live) from The Roxy London WC2 (1977)


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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #64: Rock N Roll JuJu

May 18, 2015
11:31 am


Regular guest Johnny Evs returns, slingin’ the sonic hash with DJ Jim G as we sample platters of recent acquisitions and then some. From Arthur Lee (opening with a twofer!) to South Africa’s Lette Mbulu to an exclusive extended Eno-ized Roxy Music track to the great, late legendary Riley “Blues Boy” King (RIP BB King). Listen!



Busted Feet by Love from Reel to Real (1974)
Stay Away by Arthur Lee and the American Four from 7″ Unissued 1965 Demos (1965/2006)
Peter’s Trip by The Electric Flag from The Trip Soundtrack (1967)
Little War In the Midwest by Night Beats from Night Beats (2011)
Hey Joe by Jeriko from Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul And Psych From Peru’s Radical Decade (196?/2014)

Roter Rolls Royce by Ideal from Ideal (1980)
Ladytron (special extended version) by Roxy Music from 10″ RSD single import (1972/2015)
Warble Factor by Evens from 7″ single (2011)
Zola (MRA) by Letta Mbulu from Letta Mbulu Sings (1967)
Mama De for Kumba by Mayor’s Dance Band Onitsha from Top Hits from Nigeria 7″ EP (196?)
One Nation by Rahsaan Roland Kirk from Blacknuss (1972)
Cockroaches by Barry Black from Barry Black (1995)
Water No Get Enemy by Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa 70 from Expensive Shit (1975)

Sweet Little Sixteen by BB King from Sweet Little Sixteen (1959)
Walkin’ by Otis Spann with Fleetwood Mac from 45 single (1969)
Chili Woman by Aum from Bluesvibes (1969)
In A Broken Dream by Python Lee Jackson featuring Rod Stewart from 45 single (1968)
My Last Mistake by Dan Auerbach from Keep It Hid (2009)

Northeast Texas Women by Willis Alan Ramsey from Willis Alan Ramsay (1972)
Tomorrow Never Knows by Junior Parker from Love Ain’t Nothin’ But A Business Goin’ On (1971)

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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #63: MX-80’s Bruce Anderson and Memories of Non-Existence

April 29, 2015
9:30 am


After 40 years together, MX-80 Sound are still spinning (& splitting) heads in wonderment with their unique blend of avant noise/post-punk/metal/rawk sound. MX-80 founder and severely under-appreciated guitar god, Bruce Anderson, guests on this episode and discusses influences and the history of the band. Between moving from Indiana to San Francisco at the height of the punk movement, being signed by The Residents on the classic label, Ralph Records, to of course playing loads of music from MX-80 Sound and the many side projects that Bruce has been involved with.



Someday You’ll Be King by MX-80 Sound from 45 single (1980)
Dachau Blues by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band from Trout Mask Replica (1969)
Bali Hai by Barstool Walker from Oh Hey Broadway (2015)
Afterbirth/Aftermath by MX-80 Sound from Live At the Library (1977/2002)

X-Files Theme by MX-80 Sound from So Funny (forthcming LP!) (201?)
Tidal Wave by MX-80 Sound from Hard Attack (1977)
Keep It Out Of Sight by Dr. Feelgood from Down By The Jetty (1975)
Mean Screen by The Gizmos from 1976: The Rockabilly Yobs Session (1976/2001)
Western World by Social Climbers from Triple 7″ EP (1981)
Till Death Do Us Part by MX-80 Sound from Big Hits Hard Pop From the Hoosiers (1976)

Point Blank by O-Type from Western Classics (2004)
Follow That Car by MX-80 Sound from Out Of The Tunnel (1980)
Happy Hour by Bar Stool Walker from Bar Stool Walker (2012)
White Night by MX-80 Sound from 45 single (1980)

Memories Of My Non-Existence by MX-80 Sound from So Funny (forthcming LP!) (201?)

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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #62: Gil Ray and Alison Levy Gets Loud, Remembers Scott Miller

April 20, 2015
1:00 pm


Gil Ray (Game Theory, Loud Family) and Alison Faith Levy (Loud Family, The Sippy Cups) have been performing solo and in bands, based in the Bay Area (and beyond), for decades now. A big chapter of their musical lives include playing with the revered and largely influential singer/songwriter Scott Miller. Scott had passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago on April 15. Here we pay tribute to Scott, share stories and connect the dots musically with just some of the artists that make up this rich family tree Gil, Alison and Scott are a part of.



I’ve Tried Subtlety by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)
Forget All About It by Nazz from Nazz Nazz (1969)
Years Of Long Impressions by The Loud Family from Attractive Nuisance (2000)
And The Sons Of Baskerville by The Happy Eggs from Wake Up 7″ EP (1981)

Last Day That We’re Young by Game Theory from Lolita Nation (1987)
Rosy Drive by The Loud Family from Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things (1993)
Remake Remodel by Roxy Music from Roxy Music (1972)
Ultraviolet by Fade To Black from Corridors Revisited (1984/2011)
Regenisraen by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

Maryland Avenue Freakout by Gil Ray from I Am Atomic Man (2006)
TLC by Alison Faith Levy from The Start of Things (2015)
Waltz the Halls Always by Game Theory from Real Nighttime (1985)
Throwing The Election by Game Theory from Two Steps From The Middle Ages (1988)
Way Too Helpful by The Loud Family from Days For Days (1998)
The Story In Your Eyes by the Moody Blues from 45 single (1971)

Shelly’s Boyfriend by The Punts from 45 single (1981)
Here It Is Tomorrow by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)


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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #61: Easter Tingling In Marjoe’s Bosom

April 6, 2015
1:51 am


Brothers and Sisters, we are gathered here, during this 61st congregation, searching for salvation… finding the path to righteous tunes… DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT? This Easter egg stunt is ON. Bless your ears and ease your mind, when Marjoe speaks it’s rockin’ time!



I’ve Got Levitation by Thirteenth Floor Elevators from Easter Everywhere (1967)
Saved by Devendra Barnhardt from Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon (2007)
Going To Heaven To Meet The King by June Samuels with The Anointed Ones from Marjoe soundtrack (1972)
Overture by David Axelrod from David Axelrod’s Rock Interpretation Of Handel’s Messiah (1971)

Heaven Help the Child by Mickey Newbury from Heaven Help the Child (1973)
Golden Child Of God by Emitt Rhodes from Mirror (1971)
To Kingdom Come by The Band from Music From Big Pink (1968)
Would You Believe by Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends from Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends (1970)
The Life I Live by Q65 from Revolution (1966)
The Butterfly and I by The Shocking Blue from Shocking Blue (1970)
The Other Side Of Life by the Deidre Wilson Tabac from The Deirdre Wilson Tabac (1969)

Uncloudy Day by The Staple Singers from Uncloudy Day (1959)
Hell With The Lid Off by Marjoe (age 8) from Marjoe soundtrack (1972)
Amazing Grace by Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers from Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers (1976)
Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits from Mule Variations (1999)
Look At The Rain by Meat Puppets from Huevos (1987)
Unwashed and Slightly Dazed by David Bowie from Space Oddity (1969/1972)

Melt Away by Galaxie 500 from This Is Our Music (1990)
Magica by Os Mutantes from Mutantes (1969)
Telephone Girl by Jade Warrior from Jade Warrior (1971)
Observation Crest by Captain Beefheart from Bluejeans and Moonbeams (1974)
Another Sleep Song by Graham Nash from Wild Tales (1973)

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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #60: Cocker Power with Bob Reed

March 30, 2015
11:13 am


The pride of Antioch, CA. Guitarist and singer, Bob Reed (Overwhelming Colorfast, Oranger, Titan Ups), is our guest. Bob brings in some of his favorite records and we discuss some of his fond musical & touring memories over the years, which includes everyone from Joey Ramone to Lawrence Welk and Wesley Willis.

However, happening on Friday, Apr 3, is one of Bob’s dream shows come true. He and about 20 other fellow SF musicians take the Great American Music Hall stage (in San Francisco) to play a live tribute to Joe Cocker’s classic album, Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Bob even shares a few bars live on the program, demonstrating the “Cocker Power”. Titan Ups drummer, Dave Leonard also joins!



Riot Industry by Cobra Verde from Easy Listening (2003)
Garden Party for the Murder Pride by Oranger from New Comes and Goes (2005)
How Can I Be Sure by Young Rascals from Groovin’ (1967)
I’ve Got You Here With Me by Dart Ajax from Shadow Of Myself (2015)

Tickle Me For Days by The Pioneers from Get On Up! Joe Gibbs Rocksteady 1967 – 1968 (1998)
Lady Of Spain by Myron Floren from Accordion Concert (1968)
All Strung Out Over You by The Chambers Brothers from The Time Has Come (1967)
The Letter by Joe Cocker from Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1970)

Sidestick Eyepoker by Overwhelming Colorfast from Two Words (1994)
Villiers Terrace by Echo And The Bunnymen from Crocodiles (1980)
Hitchcock Railway by Joe Cocker from Joe Cocker! (1969)
Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)? by Chocolate Watch Band from No Way Out (1967)
Overwhelming Colorfast by Wesley Wilis from Reverend Norb #2 (1994)

Maybe Your Baby by Stevie Wonder from Talking Book (1972)
Spider’s Web by Mission Of Burma from The Obliterati (2006)

Cry Me A River by Joe Cocker from Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1970)

*Nice shirt, Joey!

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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #59: Sonic Apothecarium

March 23, 2015
12:58 pm


59 times the pain! And it never felt so good, eh, dear listener?? Tired of all those boring old radio stations? Come in for a taste and stay for a cure… March rolls on as we keep plowing through with feel good eclectic hits from and for all ages. Below the belt soul and rock N roll! Use as directed. Listen Now!



Drunk On the Stars by Winechuggers from Bricoleurs (2015)
Kung Foo Cowboy by Alan Vega from Alan Vega (1980)
What Goes On by The Dils from What Stuff compilation (197?/1990)
Merry Go Round by Lou Reed from All Tomorrow’s Dance Parties 7″ EP (1962/2000)

Requiem For A Warrior by Mandingo from Savage Rite (1975)
Burundi Black I by Burundi Steiphenson Black from 7″ single (1971)
Jungle Jalopy by Les Baxter & His Orchestra from Ritual of the Savage (1951)
Sombre Reptiles by 801 from 801 Live (1976)
CinturĂ£o De Fogo by Marisa Rossi from Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas (1970/2010)
The Panther by East Bay Soul Brass from 45 single (1968)

Try Me by Syl Johnson from 45 single (1967)
The Breakdown (Part II) by Rufus Thomas from 45 single (1971)
Foxy Lady by Crown Heights Affair from 45 single (1975)
The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean) by Parliament from 45 single (1980)
the Philly Freeze by Alvin Cash & The Registers from 45 single (1966)
Season of The Witch by Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger & The Trinity from Open (1967)

Into The Valley by The Skids from 7″ single (1979)
Germ Free Adolescence by X-Ray Spex from 7″ single (1978)
Our Swimmer by Wire from 7″ single (1980)
Like This For Ages by Cupol from Like This For Ages (1980)
Party 1 by Faust from BBC Sessions (1973/2001)
I’m Goin’ Mad by The Scorpions from Lonesome Crow (1972)

Train To Nowhere by Message from Message (1975)
Green River by Minutemen from Tour Spiel EP (1985)
Nite Lite by Floatation Device from John Moremen’s Floatation Device (2014)

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