Chatroom History
November 7, 2015 10:00am - 12:29pm

ZODD: Rampage!!! (10:10am)
lam n father: zodd!!!! (10:17am)
lam n father: who is bringin the beer! (10:23am)
lam n father: HEY!!! WHO"S BRINGIN" THE BEER!!!! (10:26am)
lam n father: So none of you are gonna bring the beer? (10:28am)
ZODD: Sorry, wanna come in your next show. And I'll bring the drugs, err Beer (10:37am)
ZODD: Can you dig up some Sadistic Intent? (10:43am)
lam n father: for you Zodd? (10:44am)
lam n father: i think so (10:45am)
lam n father: okay yes (10:45am)
ZODD: You boys Rock (10:50am)
lam n father: there you go Zoddster you too rock my friend (10:50am)
ZODD: Awesome, they playing Metro next Sat (10:50am)
lam n father: take us (10:51am)
lam n father: and buy us drugs and beer and maybe a shirt (10:51am)
lam n father: hookers and cocaine for sure though (10:51am)
ZODD: That all? (10:51am)
ZODD: No food? (10:51am)
lam n father: ...and maybe a shirt (10:52am)
lam n father: food? we'll eat the hookers (10:52am)
ZODD: Dueling metal shows at metro, should be raging (10:52am)
Get a Real Job!: METAL ASYLUM!!!! (12:10pm)
Get a Real Job!: DJ Jody, pleeaz play Kiss of Death by Dokken! Purty pleeaz! (12:12pm)
DJ Jody: Howdy!!! (12:21pm)
DJ Jody: No Dokken here, sorry - any other requests? (12:21pm)
Get a Real Job!: No Dokken?! Now my day is shot! (12:23pm)
Get a Real Job!: How about Smell the Witch by Mortiis? (12:24pm)
ZODD: \m/ !!! (12:27pm)