Chatroom History
November 7, 2015 12:00pm - 2:20pm

Get a Real Job!: METAL ASYLUM!!!! (12:10pm)
Get a Real Job!: DJ Jody, pleeaz play Kiss of Death by Dokken! Purty pleeaz! (12:12pm)
DJ Jody: Howdy!!! (12:21pm)
DJ Jody: No Dokken here, sorry - any other requests? (12:21pm)
Get a Real Job!: No Dokken?! Now my day is shot! (12:23pm)
Get a Real Job!: How about Smell the Witch by Mortiis? (12:24pm)
ZODD: \m/ !!! (12:27pm)
augie: Jody! can I hear "soul on fire' by danzig?? (12:31pm)
DJ Jody: Mortiis coming up! (12:32pm)
Get a Real Job!: Whoo whoo! (12:32pm)
DJ Jody: Looking for Danzig for ya, Augie! (12:39pm)
augie: i didnt know metal asylum was a real song! unless that was you singing it! (12:41pm)
DJ Jody: When Rob and I created the Metal Asylum 10 years ago back in NOLA, we didn't know it was a song either! (12:43pm)
lunchbox: Jody i was hoping to be rokken with dokken. how about "pain in the world" by danzig?! (12:53pm)
ZODD: Jody don't need no Dokken to Rock! (12:58pm)
augie: what is this?????? love it!!! (1:00pm)
augie: sounds like dying fetus??? (1:01pm)
DJ Jody: Remnants of the Tortured by Abominable Putridity (1:02pm)
ZODD: Brutal!!! (1:04pm)
lunchbox: sounds exactly like that german band cock and ball torture (1:04pm)
augie: i'm getting this! it's like insects and frogs fighting!! (1:05pm)
Get a Real Job!: that's exactly what it is (1:05pm)
DJ Jody: HA! Glad y'all like! (1:06pm)
augie: dissiliency...i'm looking up that word (1:06pm)
augie: makes cannibal corpse sound like the sound of music (1:07pm)
Get a Real Job!: Dokken!! (1:08pm)
lunchbox: Jody you so crazy!!! Dokken! (1:08pm)
Get a Real Job!: Love my Metal Asylum tank! (1:09pm)
Itsraininghere : DJ Jodi please play Blood and Tears, Danzig!!! (1:15pm)
Itsraininghere : Sorry DJ Jody* autocorrect got me (1:16pm)
augie: inhuman dissiliency is like "bursting apart in an inhuman manner??" --best new favorite band!! (1:16pm)
6969 The Number Of The Yeast: \m/\m/ (1:19pm)
DJ Jody: Danzig coming up next! (1:21pm)
DJ Jody: Haha, Augie - I wonder what bursting apart in a human manner would be like? (1:22pm)
augie: it a more humane manner..wouldn't hurt as much??? ha ha! (1:24pm)
augie: yeahhh!! DANZIG (1:25pm)
6969 The Number Of The Yeast: Sacrificed by Napalm Death (1:30pm)
DJ Jody: 6969, your wish will be granted. (1:34pm)
6969 The Number Of The Yeast: awesome! thank you! (1:35pm)
augie: Vastum? that was awesome too! (1:36pm)
DJ Jody: I know, right! (1:36pm)
augie: should have been the bad guys name in star wars instead of Kylo..lord vastum (1:37pm)
Caffinated Decapitated: Yaasaaa!!!! \m/ (1:39pm)
lunchbox: You're playing some killer shit today Jody!! (1:42pm)
Caffinated Decapitated: Yeah, great stuff today! (1:43pm)
DJ Jody: \m/ Thanks for listening!!! (1:44pm)
DJ Jody: Come on by every Saturday! (1:45pm)
augie: i like the metal that sounds like little rabid creatures running around in a bathtub! (1:46pm)
lunchbox: Hey Jody any Electric Wizard? (1:50pm)
DJ Jody: I do have some, but I'm not sure there's enough time left in the show - lemme see... (1:52pm)
!LATF show!: testing (1:53pm)
DJ Jody: 1-2-3 (1:54pm)
lunchbox: \,,\(^_^)/,,/ (2:00pm)