Chatroom History
November 3, 2015 5:00pm - 7:41pm

wrybread: Testing... (5:31pm)
wrybread: yo mama (5:31pm)
wrybread: yo mama again (5:32pm)
timmmii: yay! (5:38pm)
timmmii: thanks alec (5:38pm)
malderor: whoo! (5:52pm)
timmmii: whoooooooooooooo (5:54pm)
ed: much ado about chatter... (6:13pm)
timmmii: :) (6:13pm)
timmmii: i emailed about it right before my show started (6:13pm)
timmmii: this is the first it's worked in weeks (6:13pm)
ed: good to be back! (6:13pm)
timmmii: yay (6:14pm)
timmmii: urrrrrgh, bummed i forgot to turn the volume back up on the channel afetr the break (6:37pm)
timmmii: let's have a coffee (6:44pm)
timmmii: chickens (6:44pm)
ed: & biscuits... (6:57pm)
ed: free association, here... (7:00pm)
Michele K-tel: um, and gravy? (7:19pm)
ed: we're going places now... (7:20pm)
timmmii: yeah (7:35pm)
timmmii: so i'm late (7:35pm)
timmmii: djing (7:36pm)
timmmii: i'm always djing (7:36pm)