Chatroom History
November 11, 2015 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Kevin Harris: we need chatter!! Give us some lovey love (4:06pm)
TWAT!: guess who's back... 112 112 (4:15pm)
TWAT!: happiness is in the eye of the beholder (4:15pm)
TWAT!: you can't sue tinder for a bad date. i think rumblr is a good idea cause then those fools can release their heat on someone who wants it (4:19pm)
CBRJenna: Lets rumble Twat (4:19pm)
TWAT!: see you at the basketball courts (4:20pm)
CBRJenna: Il take you out (4:20pm)
CBRJenna: *ill (4:20pm)
TWAT!: to dinner (4:21pm)
TWAT!: officer doofy (4:23pm)
CBRJenna: Suckramento (4:29pm)
TWAT!: if you have any social media account that brings in a lot of traffic, you can get sponsored by companies to endorse their shit (4:36pm)
TWAT!: millenials for life (4:36pm)
TWAT!: i love it when jenna gets all worked up (4:41pm)
TWAT!: you guys are both arguing about different things (4:42pm)
CBRJenna: BOB ROSS has full episodes of the Joy of Painting on YouTube. I know what Im doing tonight! (4:54pm)
TWAT!: also you're the worst new ep tonite (4:55pm)
TWAT!: lol lol (4:57pm)
TWAT!: kevin harris' version of bob ross haha (4:57pm)
TWAT!: hahahaha (4:58pm)
TWAT!: yes keep it comin (4:58pm)
TWAT!: watch "master of none" with aziz. lots of race bending. (5:02pm)
TWAT!: or race stereotype bending (5:02pm)
TWAT!: god i'm the only one on here (5:02pm)
CBRJenna: people are sick (5:13pm)
TWAT!: i got arrested once. the song in the cop car playing as i entered was "bad to the bone" (5:20pm)
TWAT!: i identify as zer or zim (5:22pm)