Chatroom History
November 13, 2015 10:00pm - 1:30am

Earl: The very best Rundgren, I feel, is his self-titled one, called Todd. But it is a hdfficult choice. Okay, now I have weighed in. Thank You. What a nasty day it has been. (10:36pm)
Alan B.: Cheers, Hal! (10:40pm)
E.Y. : Are all calims of religion bogus claims, Dr. Hal? Certinly, the entire immense canon of scripture, Buddhist or Judeo-Christian, cannot be entirely "bogus" for example. (10:59pm)
E.Y. : All claims, that is. (10:59pm)
E.Y. : We did not arrive at our exalted state in one go -- we climbed up rungs to the pinnacles of scientific philosophy and discipline, and for these we have, in part, "religion" to thank. (11:01pm)
E.Y. : What did we do -- invent the printing press and begin at an instant churning out Newtonian theories?? -- that is, the ones we now selectively highlight. Heh heeeeeeh. (11:04pm)
E.Y. : And, besides, the existence or non-existence of a Diety would not immediately preclude a contunuance beyod this veil of consciounceness, in spite of our present limited capacity to prove this. (11:05pm)
E.Y. : a continuance, that is. (11:06pm)
E.Y. : of our own consciousness, that is, or the existence of what might be called our Spirit. (11:07pm)
E.Y. : Therefore, the continual arguing of whether or not a Diety exists might, in fact, be entirely beside the point. Can we really take comfort in a stubborn belief that this is merely a rock, and we are just blindly floundering on it to some short fate and pointless ending? (11:12pm)
E.Y. : wow, Butternut Soul, Man. (11:20pm)
E.Y. : Will we allow terrorist's telegraphing of Ultimate Things prompt us to all rejection of mystical scenarios, because our Science must be All-in-All? Nay, I tell you, Nay. (11:25pm)
E.Y. : Ya Know: Ya Gotta Be You, People. (11:26pm)
E.Y. : What else can you be, if not yourself? Amen. (11:27pm)
E.Y. : well, to what end, sound and watertight assurances of ultimate things? Can we not attribute some varieties of mental flaccidness, in fact, to modern miracles of technology? (11:54pm)
E.Y. : Yet, modern systems of thougt, on either side of the philosophical spectrum, seem to be attempting a forcible ultimatum of belief. Well, what madness is this? (11:57pm)
E.Y. : What would we do with Great Assurances? What do we do, often? (11:58pm)
E.Y. : "More and more" we say. How very lazy we might become, and how reluctant to strive, if we did have nothing but proof of All Things Ultimate, and at all times! (12:01am)
E.Y. : So, now we have the Fundamentalists of ALL stripes and systems, battling one another for a dominance which will not fill their cups, and hungry for this "battle"... more and more. Some do not even regard themselves AS fundementalists -- a true danger. (12:06am)
E.Y. : fundamentalists, that is. okay, now it is Isabella time, we should hope. Thank you for this forum. (12:07am)
Dr. Penny: Nurse Isabella is here!!!!! (12:10am)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Crushin all da podcasts wit Dr hal LOL (12:34am)
DJ Nurse Annabella: ur tuned into the main nerve on radio (12:39am)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Get ur Star Miztvah on LOL (12:42am)
Dr. Penny: She massages the main nerve of radio! (12:46am)
DJ Nurse Annabella: This Heavy Powermixx is 4 yall and th doc LOL (1:02am)
Dr. Penny: The unimagineable horror of the storytellers in their nightgowns being off the air. (1:25am)
Dr. Penny: But Nurse Annabella carries us all into a new day. (1:27am)