Chatroom History
November 15, 2015 6:00pm - 8:27pm

#PrayForShelbyCobras: hi everyone (6:03pm)
Beagles of Earth Metal : sup sup (6:05pm)
Cory: hihi (6:09pm)
Dill Gerkin: Amazon review? (6:28pm)
sara m: Is this actually Rod Stewart? (6:29pm)
LUCKYFARTSHORTS: yes ; ( (6:29pm)
Dill Gerkin: Fortress was on all the time in the 80s on hbo. It's the best. (6:52pm)
LUCKYFARTSHORTS: it looks hella trippy (6:52pm)
LUCKYFARTSHORTS: such hair fanatics (7:15pm)
Dill Gerkin: Downtown Train - Rod Stewart (7:36pm)