Chatroom History
November 17, 2015 6:00pm - 8:21pm

ed: almost a velvet underground feel to this... (6:09pm)
timmmii: indeed (6:16pm)
timmmii: Ed, i'll hit you up on email but i'll be available in SoCal dec 21-25 (6:26pm)
ed: cool. we'll plan on it. (6:32pm)
ed: saw a dude goes by 'Mr. C' ever hear of him? (7:00pm)
timmmii: yeah (7:04pm)
timmmii: he's old school (7:04pm)
timmmii: he's got some good stuff, haven't heard anything of his in awhile tho (7:05pm)
timmmii: i highly recommend this Floating Points album (7:05pm)
timmmii: i've been playing them a fair amount lately (7:05pm)
ed: the show was sparsely attended ... (7:20pm)
timmmii: which? mr. c? (7:23pm)
ed: yes there were about 20-30 (7:34pm)
ed: people that is... (7:36pm)
timmmii: right. yeah, he's old school, not sure what he's up to of late (7:37pm)
ed: he's playing a nice as you say 'oldschool' blend of electro and such... (7:39pm)
timmmii: cool. i'll look out to see if he's playing in sf (7:44pm)
ed: lone is so good. (7:52pm)
timmmii: yes (7:58pm)
timmmii: i'll email you! (7:58pm)
ed: i'll keep an eye out... (7:59pm)
Michele K-tel: DISCO ROTO -- on a tear (8:14pm)
Michele K-tel: DELIRIO! (8:20pm)