Chatroom History
November 25, 2015 10:00pm - 12:29am

Alan B.: Listening live. (10:00pm)
Alan B.: (10:03pm)
Alan B.: ^^ Never mind, got fooled. (10:03pm)
vj pussycat: great movie (10:03pm)
Alan B.: Hi, VJ! Yes, I will watch it again soon. (10:05pm)
Alan B.: Is he going to do the other thing? (10:08pm)
Alan B.: Okay, this is a new approach to Floyd. (10:12pm)
Alan B.: HIS OTHER THING IS HARD. (10:17pm)
Alan B.: Dark Matter Rap featuring a blerd: (10:19pm)
Alan B.: This isn't completely hateful: Dark Matter inspired by Pink Floyd (10:21pm)
Alan B.: OH MY GOD Dark Matters alien invasion goofs: (10:23pm)
Alan B.: 41 sec. Wu Tang's GZA raps about science (10:27pm)
Alan B.: Pink Floyd Time 8 Bit (10:29pm)
Alan B.: The Illuminati: The Large Hadron Collider Conspiracy (10:34pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: hi Alan! aw yea Pink floyd in 8bit kicks ass.. (10:34pm)
Alan B.: Wheee! (10:34pm)
Alan B.: S'up, DJ Nurse A! (10:34pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: about 2 heat up sum White Castle & (10:35pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: thought 2 c wats up (10:38pm)
Alan B.: Pete is crushing this. Post some Dark Matter related song stuff. (10:38pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i have sum Pink Floyd 8-tracks.. (10:39pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: tracks (10:39pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: in the middle of producing my own show too LOL (10:40pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: ..and gonna bake a turkey 2morrow feck yea.. (10:40pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: my fave Floyd is Animals and the Final Cut.. (10:42pm)
vj pussycat: flaming lips here I believe (10:44pm)
vj pussycat: woo hoo I got my own portable hadron collider! (10:45pm)
Alan B.: I could use some hadrons, tho. (10:45pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: that's rad LOL i mite get an Atari Video Music soon (10:45pm)
nexus_6: Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Alan B. (10:46pm)
Alan B.: Hey, Nexus!! Happy Turkey Day to everyone! (10:47pm)
vj pussycat: happy stuff y'all (10:47pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: gonna appear on Hal again soon...anyways i got pumpkin pie.. (10:49pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: and whipped cream and Captain Harlock on Betamax (10:52pm)
Alan B.: Weird: at 2:30, Nixon's prepared speech in case the moon landing failed and the astronauts died: (10:52pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: LOL (10:53pm)
Alan B.: Props for rocking the Betamax. You know Sony only stopped manufacturing blanks this year? (10:53pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: really!? dang i didnt know that! (10:53pm)
Alan B.: (10:54pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i got Little Shop of Horrors and Christmas Vacation on Beta.. (10:54pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i got aound 90 tapes atm LOL (10:55pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: David Gilmour iz hella hawt LOL (10:56pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Floyd rulez \m/ (10:56pm)
Alan B.: Here's a thought: Play as many of these covers of "Breathe" at the same time until your processor locks up: (10:57pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: rad :) ever play Dark Side of the Moon at the same time as Wizarrd of Oz? (10:58pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i have Atom Heart Mother on vinyl as well.. (10:59pm)
Alan B.: Oh, shit, every time I go to my brothers' house we get high and he insists on doing that. (10:59pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: omg it's awesome LOL it's on youtube.. (11:00pm)
Alan B.: Brain Damage By Bim Skala Bim ska cover (11:00pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Nick Mason's solo albu fom '81 is good too.. (11:00pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i'll neve forget the first time i heard Dark side high LOL (11:02pm)
Alan B.: Nick Mason - Fictitious Sports - I'm A Mineralist (11:02pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: he's a great drummer! (11:02pm)
Alan B.: Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave And Grooving With A Pict (11:03pm)
Alan B.: We're missing something, tho: Venom - Live At City Gardens, NJ. CLASSIC. (11:05pm)
Alan B.: I'm loving this stuff. (11:06pm)
Alan B.: Hi, DJ Bruno! (11:07pm)
Alan B.: Foodie? (11:07pm)
Alan B.: Background music The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - The Symphonic Pink Floyd (11:09pm)
Alan B.: Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts (11:11pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: lasers are rad lol lije the one in the movie Real Genius.. (11:16pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i got dat on Beta.. (11:16pm)
Alan B.: 'LIGO, A Passion for Understanding' Documentary (11:19pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: this is significant with my research on NASA's EM drive poject.. (11:20pm)
Alan B.: You are truly an Renaissance woman, DJ Nurse Annabella (11:20pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: domo ;) anyways i cant wait 2 give Dr.Hal anothe magic cookie.. (11:22pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: not sure if Pete ate sum but i think KrOB had sum as well last time.. (11:25pm)
Alan B.: Edibles are not covered under Michgian's medical pot statute. :( (11:26pm)
Alan B.: I don't imbibe myself, I got kids and stuff. (11:26pm)
Alan B.: (I mean, not at home) (11:26pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: there's too much weed in SF! lol (11:31pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: anyways happy thanxgiving Al B.. (11:32pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Roger Waters had to been high when he made this song.. (11:33pm)
Alan B.: Happy Thanksgiving, Nurse A! I'm glad you're giving Hal some guest time, that makes his show go smoov. (11:33pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: :) he also appears on mine on this station LOL (11:34pm)
Alan B.: My mom loved that Pict song. We called our local radio station back in the 80s during a pink floyd marathon and demanded it over and over (11:35pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i might callin KPFA this Thursday.. oh gawd Floyd used to scare me when i was little LOL (11:36pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: but love them now.. (11:36pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: The Wall movie used to scare the crap outta me..the scene with the meatgrinder.. (11:37pm)
Alan B.: I might be a little older than you. I liked the Wall the album, came out when I was 13. The movie was ehh, not so great. (11:37pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i remember i saw it on HBO lol (11:38pm)
Alan B.: I saw it first run in a theater. Lots of pot smoke and beer bottles rolling down the theater to the bottom. :D (11:39pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: wow thats wild lol the 80s ruled.. (11:40pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: gravity waves makes me think of the Atari game yars Revenge lol (11:41pm)
Alan B.: Oooh, Pete should play this: (11:42pm)
Alan B.: That's funny, we had a 2600 and even had ET but not Yar's Revenge. (11:42pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: i spoke to the creator of Pitfall on my show a few months back LOL this stuff theyre talking about would interest him actually.. (11:43pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Atari programmers are into physics and stuff.. (11:44pm)
Alan B.: GWAVE is jpop yo: (11:45pm)
Alan B.: Maybe this time the submixer isn't on fire and dead. (11:46pm)
Alan B.: I just want to post this. (11:47pm)
Alan B.: (11:49pm)
Alan B.: There is no gravity, the earth sucks. (11:52pm)
Alan B.: I wish I had potato chips. (11:53pm)
Alan B.: God dammit, did DJ Bruno have to say pizza? (11:53pm)
Alan B.: Puzz Ev, cat man (11:53pm)
Alan B.: (11:55pm)
Alan B.: Goodbye, folks. G'nite, Pete, Bruno and Puzz. (11:58pm)
Alan B.: Nice talking to you, DJ N A (11:58pm)
Alan B.: This goddamn radio play is delicious. (12:09am)
Alan B.: I am SO GLAD I'm up listening to this. (12:12am)
Alan B.: Pun Crok (12:18am)
Alan B.: One fewer Kennedy. Grammar is important. (12:20am)