Chatroom History
November 29, 2015 6:00pm - 8:29pm

ALyourLUCKYpal: hi everybody (6:04pm)
Big Biceps McDonald: Hello Hello! (6:06pm)
Erik: haaaay anyone wanna chat a/s/l (6:34pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: hey hey (6:42pm)
Big Biceps McDonald: 17/m/OH (6:49pm)
Erik: hott (6:51pm)
Big Biceps McDonald: ahhh Mortiis and Erik Thighbone what a great combo (6:52pm)
Big Biceps McDonald: cmon! (7:10pm)
Big Biceps McDonald: gimmie a godamn al sports (7:10pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: lol (7:12pm)
Cory: Last night I saw a Fabio looking dude in a beanie and a silk scarf fist pumping to dad blues (7:15pm)
Cory: Looked like Tim Heideker in that Tortuga episode (7:16pm)
Cory: Van the Man Morrison and his Last Waltz high kicks (7:17pm)
Cory: Urgh A Music War (7:18pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: ^^^^^^^ (7:19pm)
Cory: Face To Face concert movie is the worst movie ever made (7:25pm)
Seth Koozer: sup dickbags (7:31pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: sup captain HUSKERdont (7:32pm)
Seth Koozer: GBR (7:33pm)
Seth Koozer: Tell Shelby I love him (7:33pm)
Seth Koozer: Erik! I love you too! (7:34pm)
Seth Koozer: (don't tell Cobras) (7:34pm)
Erik: shhhhhh (7:35pm)
sara m: Solid choice Al (7:35pm)
Seth Koozer: #wheretheybelong (7:41pm)
Muscles McCoy: ousands delight (7:45pm)
Muscles McCoy: s (7:45pm)
Muscles McCoy: ^salad of a thousand delights (7:46pm)
Muscles McCoy: is the name of the melvins live thing (7:47pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: thanks Muscles McCoy (7:48pm)
Seth Koozer: How do you cure hiccups? (7:48pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: you drink water, pinch your nose and take a sip of water (7:49pm)
Erik: kill yourself ;) (7:49pm)
Seth Koozer: I'm already dead Erik (7:49pm)
Erik: rip (7:56pm)