Chatroom History
December 6, 2015 6:00pm - 8:26pm

shabby poorboys: muscles who r u (6:00pm)
shabby poorboys: i love u (6:02pm)
Muscles McCoy: just a dickwad (6:02pm)
shabby poorboys: r u my dad (6:02pm)
Muscles McCoy: 53/m/OH (6:02pm)
Muscles McCoy: Yes (6:02pm)
Muscles McCoy: Is that you boy (6:02pm)
shabby poorboys: dad (6:03pm)
shabby poorboys: pls (6:03pm)
Muscles McCoy: lol ok TBH (6:03pm)
Muscles McCoy: listen boy (6:03pm)
shabby poorboys: i am sorry for disappointing u (6:04pm)
Muscles McCoy: its ok luv u (6:05pm)
Muscles McCoy: oh god no (6:10pm)
Muscles McCoy: please for all that is good in this world (6:10pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: dick chockers (6:14pm)
Muscles McCoy: Oooh, really reaching for those notes (6:23pm)
Muscles McCoy: (6:28pm)
Muscles McCoy: (6:30pm)
Chuck Bisquick: This album sux (6:38pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: agreed (6:41pm)
Muscles McCoy: how many goddamn pinch harmonics can you fit in a song (6:41pm)
Muscles McCoy: sqweee (6:41pm)
Muscles McCoy: squawwwww (6:41pm)
A Small Troll Child: Just tuned in and Shelby sounds very sober (6:42pm)
shabby poorboys: thanks (6:46pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: sober as a mormon (6:46pm)
Chuck Bisquick: Omg I love this song ... This is a butchering!!! (6:46pm)
Chuck Bisquick: I beg to differ (6:49pm)
A Small Troll Child: agree on the art (6:57pm)
ALyourLUCKYpal: mutha mutha (7:04pm)
shabby poorboys: al is so drunk (7:08pm)
shabby poorboys: sup bro (7:08pm)
LuckyFartShorts: wanna party (7:11pm)
A Small Troll Child: I love dad stories! Thanks guys :) (7:24pm)
Muscles McCoy: who would win an arm wrestling contest? Al or Shelbs? (7:26pm)
LuckyFartShorts: shelbies (7:28pm)
KORN-Y: (7:30pm)
A Small Troll Child: written by pedestrians (7:31pm)
LuckyFartShorts: shelbys (7:34pm)
A Small Troll Child: this is an alltime ep. (7:38pm)
LuckyFartShorts: word (7:41pm)
A Small Troll Child: sikk remake = 1976 King Kong cuz Jessica Lange in that ushered me into manhood (7:48pm)