Chatroom History
December 7, 2015 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Oz,the water monk of Dah: I'm here! (8:10pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: I'm playing the 11th at Coopers in Nevada city! (8:12pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: You have great taste in music. (8:13pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: If you say my wife's name on the air I promise to be one of your best friends ever... (8:18pm)
znorg: fantastic track, whatever this is. (8:19pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: Fungo? Why you always gotta use your awesome radio skills and rarely take request? Starting to think you're too cool. (8:21pm)
John Hell: Oh hey!!! (8:26pm)
znorg: I have still never seen that film. I reckon that I should. (8:33pm)
znorg: OK! I will. (8:34pm)
John Hell: Sweet! (8:37pm)
Helen Wheels: you have that film on dvd? (8:41pm)
John Hell: I do not. I stream it. (8:46pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: That was disgustingly groovy (8:59pm)
Helen Wheels: where u stream from? I want to show some kids down the hall (9:02pm)
John Hell: Show them the studio? (9:03pm)
Helen Wheels: do the right thang (9:05pm)
Helen Wheels: wanna show it to the kids down the hall and couldnt find it on amazon or netflix (9:05pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: Man... What a great set! Making us super happy up here in the woods! (9:05pm)
John Hell: Ah that. Yes. You can probably find it on Amazon Prime for $3 (9:05pm)
John Hell: Thanks Oz. Loving it here, too. (9:06pm)
Jillee Altered Barbie: Hi John, Can you announce an art / poetry pop up at 50 Shotwell sponsored by Tea Roots? (9:06pm)
Helen Wheels: My third week straight, it is now my monday chill (9:06pm)
Jillee Altered Barbie: they have sponsored off beat art in the mission for a while now... (9:07pm)
John Hell: Hey Barbie, I'll announce it. (9:07pm)
Jillee Altered Barbie: Yay! Thanks... (9:09pm)
Jillee Altered Barbie: Little Boxes, a Pop-up Art Show, will exhibit visual art and poetry about American deculturalization and gentrification Thursday, December 10th at 7:00PM through Saturday, December 12th at 10:00PM. Events are located at 50 Shotwell St. San Francisco, CA. For more info, visit or call (415) 863-9603. (9:09pm)
John Hell: Next break (9:13pm)
Oz,the water monk of Dah: (9:18pm)
John Hell: Hell yes! (9:21pm)
Helen Wheels: oh yeah (9:29pm)
Jillee Altered Barbie: Thanks! mwah (9:30pm)
Helen Wheels: houses of the effin holy (9:30pm)
John Hell: Hell yes! (9:33pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Sex C peeples (10:04pm)
RJ: Hey, humans! (10:20pm)
RJ: They aren't pro-life; they're anit-woman. (10:21pm)
RJ: Please remember: abortions are legal. so if PP were actually the Abortion Megaplex, all abortions, all the time, it doesn't need to be apologized for. (10:23pm)
RJ: PP is offering a Legal Service. (10:23pm)