Chatroom History
December 9, 2015 10:00pm - 12:30am

:: dopin the odd day pores (10:10pm)
:: under the new law, if you are caught with an ounce or more of thrust, you will be given a felony sentence. (10:25pm)
Karen Carpenter: pls, Mr ::, there are children sleeping (10:26pm)
Kirk is a Jerk: MOAR THRUST!!!1!11! (10:27pm)
:: (10:33pm)
nexus_6: 22.50 (10:57pm)
:: venom (11:00pm)
:: the best possible time (11:14pm)
:: (11:16pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: The movie Saturn 3 rules. LOL anyways hi y'all (11:23pm)
:: postcards of the hanging (11:32pm)
:: we're going to need more science (11:40pm)
:: (11:40pm)
Kirk is a Jerk: And moar brain. (11:47pm)
:: moar thoarn (11:54pm)