Chatroom History
December 11, 2015 10:00pm - 1:30am

The Religious Audience: welcomes yout o the Circle of Life... (11:54pm)
The Religious Audience: will hope you join us in the Circle (11:54pm)
Foggy Bottom: Where will Daily Fortune rest? (11:55pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: I've been getting Pathetic Answers to my Amazing Questions. Can you help me, please ? (12:01am)
Frggy Butte: Yes, muck it up please (12:02am)
nobodyouwantoknow: Is " Can you help me, please?" an amazing question or... pathetic? (12:03am)
Goosen: tinel (12:04am)
Count: Baby Dooku (12:04am)
nobodyouwantoknow: Dr Hal is incontrovertible proof of hermetic time warp technology. (12:08am)
These aren't the: memes you're trending fore (12:10am)
Frggy Butte: mrs. (12:10am)
DJ Nurse Annabella of FRSC 101.3: hope KrOb's film farm went well..wish i was there but got tied up (12:11am)
nobodyouwantoknow: By the blood of Paracelsus, I beg of ye, in the Bowels of Bob Dobbs, Forsooth ! I think I'm turning japanese ! Somebody help me, please ! (12:11am)
mrs: do u really need help? we are concerned (12:12am)
Donald Trump: My bag is Deism , Taoist style. (12:17am)
Mother Bell: Radio Valencia : 415-962-7979 (12:21am)
Mother Bell: Please hold while we transfer your call to Dr Hal (12:22am)
Mother Bell: Your call cannot be comlpeted as dialed. Please hand up and try again. (12:23am)
Noam Chomsky: Oh no ! I'm lysdexic ... dexlysic... somebody help me, please (12:26am)
Caller: blah blah yowp -- can you hear me now? (12:29am)
Caller: I am enlightenment itself -- the very living stuff thereof. Can you hear me now? (12:30am)
Caller: My Enlightenment calls out to you -- welcome to The Universal Party Line -- answer the phone please ! (12:32am)
Caller: I'll settle for a freaking tweet, you pathetic neophytic poseur bimbo ! (12:33am)
Caller: Please leave a message after the tone (12:35am)
Bob Nelson: WTF kind of recidividistic travesty is this twaddle ? Repent -- Return to the 80s ! Hypnopedia forever ! (12:38am)
Bob Nelson: That guy cain't spell recidivistic ! What an ignoramus ! (12:39am)
nobodyouwantknow: Don't you worry none about him -- I anonymized his troll ass --- he won't be bothering us no more. (12:43am)
nobodyouwantknow: This here radio show is S&M redefined -- addlepate adiposity rendered obsolete by neonate junk antiquities, all solvated in agonizing angst. (12:48am)