Chatroom History
December 12, 2015 10:00am - 12:30pm

ZODD: RAMPAGE!!! (10:12am)
Sphinctongue: \m/ (10:36am)
Sphinctongue: how bout some Baked Bomb? (10:36am)
ZODD: You GOTS (10:50am)
ZODD: it (10:50am)
!LAM!: !LAM! (11:16am)
!LAM!: HEY ZODD! (11:16am)
!LAM!: May I make. Request?! (11:19am)
ZODD: yes sir (11:21am)
!LAM!: I need some after work Xmas METAL (11:22am)
!LAM!: So either Savatage "Prelude to Madness " or (11:22am)
!LAM!: So either Savatage prelude to Madness (11:23am)
!LAM!: Or ...Alter of Sacrifice ...Lr (11:23am)
!LAM!: Praise Hell Santa!! (11:24am)
!LAM!: Slayer Sleigher Praise Hell SANA (11:24am)
!LAM!: PRAISED W (11:25am)
!LAM!: PRAISED HELL SANTA!!! (11:25am)
!LAM!: Chant the sacred words Praise Hell Santa! (11:32am)
ZODD: SATAN! (11:32am)
!LAM!: Enter to the world of SANTA!! (11:33am)
!LAM!: Enter to the Realm of Santa! (11:33am)
!LAM!: Dont forget to mention the RV Xmas Party Tonight @ Benders! All are welcome , DJs Thirty Satan Claws (11:36am)
!LAM!: T shirts & Satan Claws @ Benders 19th n So. Van Ness tonight the RV Xmas Party! !!! (11:37am)