Chatroom History
December 13, 2015 6:00pm - 6:31pm

LuckyFartShorts: hello ill convicts (6:00pm)
mellow cobras: hi pals (6:04pm)
sara m: Those drops are amazing (6:08pm)
mellow cobras: hi sara (6:10pm)
big-d-lamons: what number do i call? (6:10pm)
ko%u042Fy: hey yall (6:12pm)
ko%u042Fy: ugh thats supposed to be a backwads R (6:17pm)
mellow cobras: still doesnt make sense (6:18pm)
mellow cobras: suck a fuck (6:21pm)
gooniestorm: hey dudes (6:23pm)
mellow cobras: yo jason whats good (6:24pm)
KORY: hihi (6:28pm)