Chatroom History
December 13, 2015 6:00pm - 8:28pm

LuckyFartShorts: hello ill convicts (6:00pm)
mellow cobras: hi pals (6:04pm)
sara m: Those drops are amazing (6:08pm)
mellow cobras: hi sara (6:10pm)
big-d-lamons: what number do i call? (6:10pm)
ko%u042Fy: hey yall (6:12pm)
ko%u042Fy: ugh thats supposed to be a backwads R (6:17pm)
mellow cobras: still doesnt make sense (6:18pm)
mellow cobras: suck a fuck (6:21pm)
gooniestorm: hey dudes (6:23pm)
mellow cobras: yo jason whats good (6:24pm)
KORY: hihi (6:28pm)
gooniestorm: awww the anvil movie was good (6:32pm)
mellow cobras: i agree but hey (6:32pm)
LuckyFartShorts: lol the anvil was the real life spinal tap (6:33pm)
gooniestorm: they're great live too (6:33pm)
fio: Saw Anvil at MDF 2012. Super weak crowd but they said it was the biggest US show they'd ever played. (6:35pm)
mellow cobras: poor guys (6:36pm)
gooniestorm: spin the grey knob, yo (6:37pm)
mellow cobras: youre a grey knob (6:39pm)
LuckyFartShorts: grey knob is a old bean spinner (6:41pm)
Gooniestorm: That sounds like a great way to get hep c!! (6:56pm)
LuckyFartShorts: the hep Chompers (6:56pm)
Gooniestorm: Is this thing working? (6:57pm)
mellow cobras: cool joke jason (6:57pm)
sara m: green river killer is alive still, convicted of 48 murders (7:01pm)
fio: Gary Ridgway was the Green River Killer, he was still alive. (7:01pm)
fio: Quick to the draw Sara. Right on. (7:02pm)
mellow cobras: good job (7:02pm)
mellow cobras: i read a book about the GRK but the still hadnt figured it out at that point (7:03pm)
fio: I'm pretty sure I just read that same book, it included him in the epilogue. He had been briefly considered in the 80s and one of the victims' family followed him to his house and called the cops, but that fell through because the guy accusing him was drunk and they didn't believe him or something. They didn't catch him until 2001 with DNA evidence. (7:05pm)
fio: The book was edited to reflect the new development though. (7:06pm)
fio: Oops, it cut me off. They didn't believe him cause he was drunk or something. They didn't catch Ridgway til 2001. DNA evidence. (7:07pm)
Gooniestorm: I used to go to the new mission theater when I was a kid it was super sketchy the floor was really sticky (7:11pm)
LuckyFartShorts: one santa drop (7:11pm)
sara m: RIP le video (7:12pm)
sara m: It is really cool that the entire Le Video collection is staying in one piece (7:12pm)
LuckyFartShorts: le fini (7:13pm)
big-d-lamons: play slippery when wet by the commodores (7:23pm)
LuckyFartShorts: muss-skulls (7:24pm)
fio: Howling sequel siqq piqqs? (7:28pm)
LuckyFartShorts: This show needs 3 hours (7:28pm)
fio: Mad Maxtro (7:34pm)
sara m: Alamo Drafthouse doesnt seem like a bunch of johnny come lately carpetbaggers, I HOPE (7:36pm)
mellow cobras: i think its gonna be sick (7:37pm)
sara m: fingers crossed. (7:37pm)
fio: Akira soundtrack (7:42pm)
sara m: The score to David Lynch's Disney movie, "The Straight Story" Composed by Angelo Badalamenti. (7:42pm)
sara m: "BMX Bandits" soundtrack -- siiiiick main theme song by The Papers. (7:44pm)
fio: The breathing on Battle Against Clown duuuude (7:47pm)
mellow cobras: yuupppp (7:48pm)
fio: Listen to the first couple of minutes of the soundtrack to Venus Wars by Joe Hisaishi. (7:48pm)
mellow cobras: dude hisaishi is toight (7:48pm)
mellow cobras: princess mononoke (7:49pm)
fio: Oh yeaaahh (7:49pm)
fio: This is Eamon. I wanna call in with a few more siqq piqqs but there's no time! Wah (7:49pm)
mellow cobras: suck it eamon (7:50pm)
fio: Suck my cobra Cobras (7:50pm)
mellow cobras: suck a fuck fucker (7:51pm)
sara m: al's right, tonight is a 3-hour illcon ep kind of night (7:56pm)
sara m: good show tonight dudes! (7:59pm)
LuckyFartShorts: good night and thank yous (8:01pm)
mellow cobras: thanks sara!!!! (8:01pm)