Chatroom History
December 18, 2015 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Hamp: Clint (4:03pm)
capac: Hi Hamp, how are you? Bert (4:06pm)
Hamp: Hi Capac, fine and you? Rick (4:08pm)
capac: We just finished our Winter Art Show at the Lapeer Art Gallery. You can see some of my abstracts on display. They are the six grouped in the middle. Had fun and made lots of people happy. (4:11pm)
Hamp: cool, i will try to look it up. (4:13pm)
capac: Lapeer Art Asssociation (4:14pm)
capac: Changing the the subject, I love this weather ( at least the lack of funds going out of my wallet for heat) (4:16pm)
capac: Four months till fishing season again. Can't wait. I'm going stir crazy. (4:19pm)
Hamp: we been lucky so far. (4:19pm)
capac: Of course another 3 weeks and my winter shooting league starts and that will run into March.YAA! (4:20pm)
capac: Hey Sonic, Dark Side? (4:27pm)
KEEP GOING!: I"ve been bad (4:35pm)
estnyboer: I've been bad (4:35pm)
Hamp: Teki (5:10pm)