Chatroom History
December 18, 2015 10:00pm - 1:30am

Check, chick: one to three (10:07pm)
Earl: Well, I'm here. No merrymaking here, Hal. Not right now. Nope. (10:14pm)
Earl: You know, life is a study in contrasts. One day you're up. Up! But to every thing there is a time appointed for every porpoise under Heaven. (10:21pm)
Earl: Man walks into the Rabbi's office, says "The Messiach, He is Here!" Rabbi goes to the window, looks outside. "No," says the Rabbi, "not yet!" (10:26pm)
Earl: some would spell it, of course, "Mashiach" and Mashiach don' take no mess. (10:29pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: I live on the Street of Alchemists in Prague -- I'm a favorite of Emperor Rudolph Alexander Seton visited just last week -- a genuone master, gentleman & scholar (10:31pm)
Alexander Seton: Somebody help me please -- I am being held prisoner in the White Tower (10:33pm)
Alexander Seton: Please contact Michael Sendivogius at the Emperor's court (10:33pm)
Alexander Seton: Ow Ow Ow ! I'm being tortured ! Somebody help me, plese ! (10:34pm)
Earl: Not a chance. Er... sorry. (10:35pm)
Alexander Seton: I shall gift thee with a portion of my Phlosophers' Stone ! Help me, please ! (10:36pm)
Earl: You lie. (10:36pm)
Alexander Seton: I lie upon a cot in a dark cold dungeon cell, my flesh is burnt, my bones are brasted. Somebody help me, please ! (10:37pm)
Earl: AND your fantasy has now pushed my Rabbi story up into the ether (see above). Ya big blowhard. Alexander Seton indeed. (10:38pm)
Earl: Kaspar Howser, Houser... or Every Man For Himself and God Against All (10:39pm)
Earl: Kaspar Hauser (10:41pm)
Earl: Because, ya know, Even Dwarfs Started Small. (10:42pm)
Alexander Seton: NuYour rabid rabbi has returned in a bad joke : A rabbi, an imam, and a priest walked into a bar he bartender said, "What is this, a joke ?" (10:43pm)
Alexander Seton: this word processor suckifies (10:44pm)
Earl: HAL! Specify WHO to make the check 9or money order) out TO!!! (11:02pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: That's candiru fish, not toad -- candiru, the smallest verebrate, feared more than the piranha (11:10pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: just ask dr hal -- he's intimately familiar with the critters (11:10pm)
Earl: those crazy Welsh guys, I tell ya... (11:22pm)
Earl: but we have heard all this about the Luck Plane... but repetition is bliss. (11:27pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: is that 2393 or 2390 Mission St ? (11:29pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: never mind -- I just checked @ google -- it's 2390 Mission St (11:30pm)
Irate Husband: stop what ever is going on right now (11:31pm)
Earl: Hal is now a popular guy. He has no more need.. of... us... (11:32pm)
Irate Husband: my blushing bride indeed! (11:34pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: you sappy sots sod off -- or JRBD will bob you out ! (11:34pm)
Earl: things change quickly in this weekly effort. Now is an Exit opportunity for myself. Good night, Sweet Knaves. (11:35pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: And how! (11:39pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: As skunks! (11:40pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Indeed! (11:40pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Yep. (11:41pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Have they wandered in off the street? (11:42pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Ask that guy to sing Richard Rogers songs, that'll keep them in the studio, probably. (11:43pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: The dames just scampered off. (11:44pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: now they are wontonly exchanging moolah. (11:46pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: This is exciting radio. (11:47pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Michael Peppe. He's always good. (11:50pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: "Lint based" hah. Hah hah. (11:55pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Carnival of the Animals (11:56pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: you know, it is too bad the women are not here for this lint talk. (11:57pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Michael Peppe is a bit like Goofy. (11:58pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: Disney now owns all damned movies, everywhere. (11:59pm)
Wow, Those People Sound Drunk: the tv 20 guys also have a woman, very fetching, who comes on their monster show... (12:01am)
CaptainXDave: Through the digital ether? (1:04am)
CaptainXDave: and a Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. Hal! (1:06am)