Chatroom History
December 28, 2015 10:00am - 12:30pm

DJB: great stuff today (10:23am)
DJB: also, the mic is excellent (10:23am)
DJB: DJB makes mobile beats in Berkeley (10:34am)
uncle ray: Thanks Man! (10:35am)
DJB: i'm surprised you haven't heard of DJB (10:47am)
DJB: this music is really good this morning. i feel like dancing with my clothes off, but it is way too cold. (10:47am)
DJB: it's hard to type comments when your hands are in the air. (10:48am)
Dr Greg: Good morning Ray! (11:02am)
malderor: The Selves? Great track. (11:05am)
uncle ray: Good Dr! Malderor! Welcome, and thanks. (11:25am)
Dr Greg: Great show today! (11:32am)
Turntable madness!: Turntable madness! (11:33am)
Turntable madness!: I don't dab, ever (11:33am)
DJB: LOVE THIS SONG! (11:47am)
DJB: I'm making a weed delivery service called "doober" (11:48am)
DJB: and a wax delivery service called "dabber" (11:48am)
DJB: don't stop playing at noon. just keep going (11:49am)
DJB: that mc honky is awesome man (11:51am)
uncle ray: love him, has he got more than 1 album? (11:51am)
DJB: god that was awesome (11:59am)
uncle ray:, DJB, let's connect! (11:59am)