Chatroom History
January 1, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

EARL the Magnificent: Yes, that's me. (10:02pm)
EARL the Magnificent: That is.... not the "Mother fuck" part mentioned above... the Magnificent part. Well, you know. (10:07pm)
EARL the Magnificent: Is.. Hal in this Pat Novak program? (10:08pm)
EARL the Magnificent: Not thus far.. (10:16pm)
EARL the Magnificent: But it's only been ten minutes. (10:16pm)
EARL the Magnificent: "This recording reminds me of a detective story in the way peach fuzz would stick to the roof of her mouth. She was a dizzy dame that way." (10:23pm)
Siskell & Ebert: Tonight's Movie : Pink Dog -- Synopsis : Dr Hal takes a job driving a truck across Golden Gate Bridge. What he doesn't know is that the truck is filled with illegal jokes and now he must fight to survive and save his show. Stars : Patrick Swayze as Hal Robins, Randy Travis as Philo Drummond, Meat Loaf as Puzzling Evidence. (10:49pm)
Siskell & Ebert: Meat Loaf as Puzzling Evidence. (10:50pm)
riddlin' facts: Pete Goldie as Karen Carpenter (10:51pm)
riddlin' facts: Or is that the other way around? (10:52pm)
EARL the Magnificent: Oh cut it out. (10:58pm)
riddlin' facts: It produces plenty of nethane, too! (11:00pm)
riddlin' facts: Oops! Methane! (11:01pm)
EARL the Magnificent: is this on? (11:05pm)
Dr. Penny: Michael Peppe knows. (11:09pm)
riddlin' facts: 11:11 on 1/1 (11:12pm)
Dr. Penny: Dr. Hal, did you get my xmas card & donation? (11:46pm)
riddlin' facts: The dues for that dew are now overdue. So send your proper dues to the Ask Dr. Hal non-dinosaur funds. (11:50pm)
Dr. Penny: Hmmm. Ok. 10-4. (11:58pm)
Dr. Penny: The death rays of the saucers can be quite harsh. (12:06am)
Dr. Penny: Christmas generosity fills the radio studio. (12:13am)
riddlin' facts: That's it, Dr. Hal. Go for the Jugular! (12:14am)
vj pussycat: laughing with you not at you (12:48am)
vj pussycat: yes (12:49am)
vj pussycat: Yosemite and El Capitan (12:52am)
Oh Good Lord: Operating systems, he is talking about operating systems when he talks about Leopard and so on.. (12:52am)
Oh Good Lord: as in Microsoft 2.2, Microsoft 5.9 whatevers.. it is not a ranking, these are just newer versions of the operating systems... not (12:53am)
Oh Good Lord: "rankings"... Macs are not so very mysterious, never have been. (12:54am)
Oh Good Lord: each new version just does new things... (12:56am)
Oh Good Lord: Desiderata is by Max Ehrman, Michael (1:16am)
EARL the Magnificent: Yes, Max Erhman, and If, as stated on the mic, is a Kipling poem (1:17am)
EARL the Magnificent: Desiderata is the one that begins "Go placidly amid the noise and haste..." and so on... (1:18am)
EARL the Magnificent: Desiderata isn't bad, though. It's good advice. Mr. Nimoy made it into "Spock Thoughts" on one of his albums... (1:21am)