Chatroom History
January 2, 2016 10:00am - 2:30pm

ZODD: Lemmy!!! (10:08am)
StevePick/Turdlock: Lemmy!! (10:10am)
Lam & Father: Steeb (10:17am)
Lam & Father: Doin the dog for Lemmy (10:21am)
StevePick/Turdlock: do some for me! (10:26am)
Lam & Father: will mr steeb (10:28am)
StevePick/Turdlock: destruction!! (10:36am)
Lam & Father: Lemmy on drugs (11:01am)
ZODD: Rampage! (11:45am)
Death By Defacation: Diggin deep into the Lemmy archives. Nice. (12:39pm)
ZODD: Thanks for letting me hang! (12:57pm)
Lam & Father: Anytime man (1:04pm)