Chatroom History
January 8, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

Sesame Street alien: I remember Black Flag live and I remember Galaga and get off my lawn (10:12pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Just started ow the Doc and I are in da building...gonna get back ito the Prince extended mixxx soon again...Hi Yall!!! (10:14pm)
Dr. Penny: Hi Nurse Annabella! I'm (10:20pm)
Dr. Penny: so excited about the show tonight! (10:21pm)
prof.membrane: Dr. Hal, when will you perform live next? (10:21pm)
Irate Husband: why am I hearing myself on the radio for the 2nd time today? (10:22pm)
Irate Husband: borg9 in Star Wars? ah well, if KrOB says it... true (10:24pm)
Irate Husband: Small Tile Court ... it's a fair cop (10:25pm)
Irate Husband: KPFRVA (10:28pm)
Dr. Penny: Yes, that would be super god (10:37pm)
Dr. Penny: good to bring back the Sutro Baths. (10:37pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: bring back Fleishhacker Pool SF! LOL (10:52pm)
Dr. Penny: The original Star Wars space scenes of space ships were stop-motion. (10:53pm)
Dr. Penny: OMG! White Russians are great!!!!! (10:59pm)
EARL the Magnificent: Always fun when Isabella is there. (11:08pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: hi earl! we're feeling the specal cookie! LOL (11:20pm)
EARL the Magnificent: Ah. So long as I am not I.D.ed as one of these libertarians Hal speaks of. (11:29pm)
Nudda Budda Takka Takka: For Sale : ISIS-liberated Catamites ... Youngest Boys @ Lowest Price -- Inquire to Dr Hal Robins @ 415-962-7979 (11:30pm)
Harvey Milque: I want one ! Name your price ! (11:33pm)
Hillary Clinton: Do you have any girls available ? (11:35pm)
Wolf Man Jack: Sounds like you need help. I'll be there in a few minutes. (11:40pm)
Billy Shakespeare: Love your work ! I'ld like to write a script for you (11:44pm)
Mike Doodycough: This show reminds me of ..CRASH a way as the plot in both takes place in a submarine..thanks for airng this one sir (11:46pm)
Vladimir Putin: Your propaganda is brilliant Would you like to write speeches for me ? (11:48pm)
JJ Abrams: please like me. I want to be your Facebook friend. (11:51pm)
Khan: You are really pissing me off (11:52pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: Rad i luv the new Star Wrs cereal ! (11:52pm)
Yoda: May the Farce be with you (11:53pm)
Josh Christ: You are unforgiven, Pink Boy (11:57pm)
Nick Flamel: Solvate my Coagulum, Souffleur ! (11:59pm)
Tom Edison: Can you hear me now ? (12:03am)
Dr. Penny: Age of Ultron was really good. (12:12am)
Dr Nickel: Age of Ultron was really bad too (12:16am)
Nicolas Tesla: Fortunately not (12:47am)