Chatroom History
January 10, 2016 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Kenny Dojo: Listening (4:04pm)
ALOEVWHITT: hey hey hey people's (6:01pm)
Seth Koozer: SUP AL (6:02pm)
ALOEVWHITT: koozer in the house (6:03pm)
Seth Koozer: Time off work, no other place I'd rather be dawg (6:06pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Word (6:06pm)
Seth Koozer: Cleaning headquarters, listenin to illcon (6:06pm)
Seth Koozer: ERIK IN THA HOUSE (6:07pm)
sara murphy: Erik in studio?! (6:07pm)
ALOEVWHITT: yes (6:08pm)
Seth Koozer: Erik, your levels don't sound right (6:08pm)
sara murphy: Hahahaha (6:08pm)
Seth Koozer: Turn him up a little (6:08pm)
Seth Koozer: lol (6:09pm)
Seth Koozer: How the hell does Frsiman get money to fly around so much? (6:10pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Walmart money? (6:11pm)
KORN-Y: he makes a lot being a notery public (6:14pm)
Seth Koozer: #batmanshitcrazy (6:18pm)
Shally Corba, Comedy Professional: episode title for sure (6:21pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: that name didnt fit (6:22pm)
Seth Koozer: Sly Stallone just won a Golden Globe for CREED (6:24pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: anus scrimm is dead (6:25pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: all hail anus scrimm (6:25pm)
Seth Koozer: BOOOOOOOOOOOY (6:25pm)
Seth Koozer: You guys are dicks lol (6:29pm)
Seth Koozer: Angus, damnit, show some respect (6:29pm)