Chatroom History
January 13, 2016 10:00pm - 12:30am

Bowie: Quit wearing out my name! (10:22pm)
Dr. Penny: krob knows how to get them. (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : hey man, i liked talking to you guys (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : i like your show (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : keep it yo (10:29pm)
10:28 caller : up* (10:29pm)
Dr. Penny: krob's love is so deep. (10:30pm)
10:28 caller : i myself am trying to pursue an acting career ;) (10:30pm)
Dr. Penny: krob can regress you so that you won't smell it. (10:35pm)
Dr. Penny: sensitivity training for 3rd graders (10:38pm)
Karen Carpenter: my life work (11:33pm)