Chatroom History
January 15, 2016 10:00am - 12:30pm

*jOsiE*: FUNKY FACO FRIDAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! (10:20am)
*jOsiE*: it was good! glad to have a free day to hear your show!!!! (10:23am)
itsfaco: awesome! thanks so much. you see star wars? (10:25am)
*jOsiE*: no....not yet.....i need to turn in my nerd card.... (10:29am)
itsfaco: hahah ok i wont spoil it for you (10:31am)
itsfaco: gonna play you a song next yo (10:31am)
*jOsiE*: domo arigato ese! (10:39am)
itsfaco: o (10:41am)
itsfaco: ra (10:41am)
itsfaco: le (10:41am)
*jOsiE*: i've been busy.....hopefully this weekend.....I'm ashamed.... (10:57am)
itsfaco: all good the wait will make it even better when you see it (11:05am)
*jOsiE*: hey man it was great to hear the show again! my schedule is still so crazy ,but best believe I listen when I can! hopefully one day we can get Paulrus & Rick out for lunch again! (11:55am)
itsfaco: ya for sure. thanks so much for listening. have a great weekend (11:57am)
*jOsiE*: you too! (11:58am)