Chatroom History
January 17, 2016 6:00pm - 7:05pm

KORN-Y: test test (6:05pm)
dipperz enthusiast aka shrimp boy: stream aint workin (6:06pm)
ALOEVWHITT: shit (6:07pm)
ALOEVWHITT: you can't hear shit then this sucks (6:12pm)
shrimp boy: is this working for anyone? (6:14pm)
shrimp boy: i even went to "help" and it didnt help (6:15pm)
ALOEVWHITT: I don't think it is : ( (6:15pm)
jeff: the stream is down,shrimp boy (6:15pm)
shrimp boy: so what should i do, jeff? (6:16pm)
jeff: don't know (6:16pm)
shrimp boy: why not? (6:16pm)
shrimp boy: hey!! you dudez aware of this or what? (6:17pm)
ALOEVWHITT: we are : ( (6:17pm)
shrimp boy: ok. well, have fun.. (6:18pm)
ALOEVWHITT: trying to contact the technicals : ( (6:20pm)
ALOEVWHITT: shelby is talking about slam metal or toilet vocals (6:21pm)
ALOEVWHITT: cory is asking shelby what is the origin of doom metal (6:21pm)
shrimp boy: ahhh!!! thats what ive been wantin to hear!!! (6:21pm)
shrimp boy: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (6:21pm)
ALOEVWHITT: shelby is talking about black sabbath thru doomm metal (6:21pm)
Craven Rock:: Shiz Broke! (6:21pm)
shrimp boy: OMG!!!!! (6:21pm)
shrimp boy: whats difference between grindcore and slam? (6:22pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Now Funeral doom genre, the answer is stoners are easy to play doom metal (6:22pm)
Gooniestorm: So the stream is down the night you guys finally get Mortiis on the show? Fuuuck (6:22pm)
shrimp boy: whats best slam groups like jenovavirus? (6:22pm)
Gooniestorm: Doom metal sucks (6:23pm)
ALOEVWHITT: we've alerted the authorities (6:23pm)
shrimp boy: doom dont suck dogg!! (6:23pm)
shrimp boy: i want to hear two full hours of corey and al grilling shelbs over black, slam, dooom, etc.. (6:24pm)
Streamaintworking: no grilling (6:25pm)
shrimp boy: shelb talks about slam likes it new but i been hearin that shit since 94 outta kunm "tombstone rock" in albq. was that grind? (6:26pm)
shrimp boy: why? (6:26pm)
shrimp boy: this chatroom sucks (6:27pm)
malderor: can somebody confirm that you guys have tried to reboot the SAM computer, please? (6:28pm)
Streamaintworking: sorry (6:28pm)
shrimp boy: not your fault (6:28pm)
malderor: reboot SAM (6:29pm)
Streamaintworking: is that one outside the studio/ (6:29pm)
Erik: we are rebooting SAM (6:34pm)
malderor: it's inside the studio. (6:36pm)
malderor: on the left. (6:36pm)
malderor: facing the guests. (6:36pm)
malderor: if you're facing the guests. (6:36pm)
StayOnTarget: okay (6:37pm)
KORN-Y: sam restarted still no internet or broadcasting (6:46pm)
malderor: well, fudge. (6:50pm)
malderor: and by fudge i mean FUCK. (6:50pm)
KORN-Y: oh well thanks for your help steve xoxoxo (6:51pm)
StayOnTarget: Thanks Malderor (6:51pm)
malderor: i guess i'll call a cab and come back to look at it. (6:52pm)
malderor: although your guess is pretty much as good as mine. (6:53pm)