Chatroom History
January 19, 2016 6:00pm - 8:20pm

ed: this is kinda throbbing gristly...ya know? (6:16pm)
timmmii: the modeselektor track (first) or sinkane? (6:27pm)
ed: was about 6:12pm (6:29pm)
timmmii: modeselektor (6:34pm)
ed: cool. thanks for the tip. (6:37pm)
timmmii: Modeselektor - Trees (feat. Paul St. Hilaire) (Trees/50 Trees, 2015, 50 Weapons (6:47pm)
ed: another synthe it. (6:48pm)
ed: let me guess...berliners? (6:49pm)
timmmii: i think so, can't remember (6:53pm)