Chatroom History
January 31, 2016 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Kory: yo (6:13pm)
sara murphy: I actually can't think of a worse song to cover than this one (6:13pm)
sara murphy: Also, hey (6:14pm)
Silent H: love the DD (6:16pm)
its shelby: hi guys (6:18pm)
sara murphy: Oh woah -- commit suicide is leader of the pack tonight. (6:28pm)
Truthful dude: Not be confused with the DSBM band "make a change kill yourself". (6:28pm)
Silent H: David Bowie shook off dat Nazi steez (6:34pm)
Craven Rock:: Is that Smells Like Teen Spirit (6:35pm)
sara murphy: Yep, I know two people who have done paid citizenship marriages (6:47pm)
its shelby: so common in sf (6:48pm)
ALOYSIUS4: quick hour (7:02pm)
sara murphy: rip Dolores park (7:10pm)
Big money glove rep: Is podcast sharkjumped yet? I am too offer a big money deal. (7:39pm)
its shelby: send monies (7:47pm)
Big money glove rep: The bankdraft is prepared and only for to await signature and small initial investment. (7:49pm)
Donnyblackout: Vicente Fernandez la derrota makes me peepers rain (7:53pm)
ALOYSIUS4: vincente fernandez has that affect (7:56pm)
Donnyblackout: Or little Suzy shallow throat by David Allan Coe (7:56pm)
sara murphy: I like depressing music but NOT Songs: Ohia. It's legitimately too depressing for me. (7:56pm)
SF alt country 2006 .flv: Everybody's Talkin by Harry Nilsson (7:59pm)