Chatroom History
February 2, 2016 6:00pm - 8:22pm

ed: chaos musick... (6:19pm)
timmmii: hello sir (6:20pm)
ed: how's it? (6:20pm)
timmmii: things are good (6:21pm)
ed: yes they are. (6:21pm)
timmmii: training again on the bicycle (6:21pm)
ed: awesome. (6:21pm)
ed: how far do you bike? (6:22pm)
timmmii: building up slowly after many months off the bike, last sunday was 37 (6:26pm)
ed: you're hardcore dude. (6:28pm)
ed: my drive to work is 13 miles and that seems far. (6:30pm)
ed: is that 37 miles or minutes? (6:31pm)
timmmii: miles (6:34pm)
ed: the orb are probably one of my faves. (6:54pm)
ed: and the coolest album cover art EVER. (6:58pm)
timmmii: yeah i like that cover a lot (7:03pm)
ed: remember little fluffy clouds? (7:06pm)
timmmii: of course (7:19pm)
timmmii: i saw orb many many times (7:19pm)
timmmii: woodstock 94 was one of many highlights (7:19pm)
ed: the veteran (7:20pm)
ed: you are... (7:20pm)
timmmii: so many times, some good, some awful (7:20pm)
timmmii: i have many stories about dr. alex patterson (7:20pm)
ed: i wanna hear one. (7:21pm)
timmmii: hard to do during my show (7:25pm)
timmmii: will try (7:26pm)
ed: i'm demanding...sorry. (7:29pm)
timmmii: actually, i do a monthly storytelling event here in sf called Fireside (7:33pm)
timmmii: and an upcoming theme is music related. i may tell an orb story and if so, i'll record it (7:33pm)
ed: how fabulous.\ (7:33pm)
timmmii: i should find you on facebook (7:34pm)
ed: absolutely. (7:34pm)
timmmii: Tim Pratt is mine (7:38pm)
ed: i just zipped a request your way... (7:42pm)
timmmii: cool (7:43pm)
Michele K-tel: Disco Roto - All Accordions All The Time (8:21pm)