Chatroom History
February 6, 2016 10:00am - 12:29pm

ZODD: Rampage Radio! (10:01am)
Death By Defacation: \m/kneeling\m/ (10:04am)
ZODD: Katon is in the House! (10:19am)
OAK510: Good Morning Rampage Radio and Katon! (10:23am)
Mosher: badd ass (10:53am)
ZODD: RAGING! (10:53am)
Mosher: ask Katon about Phantasm and jamming with Gene Hoglan (10:57am)
Mosher: their is a new comp SPAZZ Sweatin%u2019 3: Skatin%u2019, Satan & Katon with Hirax reissue on Tankcrimes (11:07am)
Mosher: "Sweatin, Skatin, Satan and Katon (11:08am)
ZODD: \m/ !!! (11:22am)
!LAM!: Hey ZODD dj Jody can't make it, you wanna do metal asylum? (12:01pm)
ZODD: Hang as long as I can... (12:20pm)