Chatroom History
February 23, 2016 6:00pm - 8:22pm

timmmii: yessss (6:27pm)
jon: Hey timmmii loving the build up man! (6:29pm)
timmmii: thx man (6:33pm)
ed: dear brothers... (6:53pm)
timmmii: oh my (6:55pm)
ed: what up timmmii? (7:02pm)
timmmii: in thee zone (7:11pm)
ed: goin' off...feelin' strong. (7:15pm)
ed: weval is kickin'. (7:16pm)
ed: oh shit. this is tiga. good stuff. (7:17pm)
ed: and itunes has 7 tiga albums...none of which were 'planet e' (7:20pm)
timmmii: new single (7:23pm)
timmmii: it's on spotify (7:23pm)
timmmii: that track is bonkers (7:23pm)
ed: totally. (7:24pm)
timmmii: next track, is miles davis cover. i played another one last week (7:27pm)
ed: i was in watts when miles davis died...the out pouring was quite a sight. (7:32pm)
ed: as there was a jazz show happenin'... (7:33pm)
ed: lush! (7:39pm)
jon: Yo ed.. just getting back to the station here. Fajitas were calling.. (7:40pm)
ed: but fajitas are important, too. (7:40pm)
jon: Tis be true. Yeah that tiga track was bumpin (7:42pm)
ed: find us a show like that, jon. (7:42pm)
jon: done.. according to spotify he's playing at el rey theatre on march 24th (7:44pm)
ed: we're there. (7:44pm)
jon: Right on! (7:44pm)
jon: I'll put it on the calendar. This is really pleasant.. (7:47pm)
ed: deepchord... (7:50pm)
timmmii: thx ya'll (7:58pm)
timmmii: deepchord you should def check (7:58pm)
timmmii: from detroit (7:58pm)
timmmii: deepchord echospace (7:58pm)
timmmii: look those up (7:58pm)
jon: Timmmii! great set.. whats your spotify moniker? (7:59pm)
Michele K-tel: Golden Gal(s) on DISCO ROTO (8:09pm)