Chatroom History
February 26, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

Gerald Fnord: Uh, according to the original reckoning, it has been the Sabbath since sunset. ('Evening, morning, one day. ') (10:09pm)
Rev. Bitwise: I've been reading my infant son Paradise Lost. It's been really interesting. (10:44pm)
Rev. Bitwise: I thought that the meter would be helpful in carrying me through it. (10:45pm)
Rev. Bitwise: Milton's creation of an additional episode in which Raphael gives Adam a very specifc warning explaining the situation. (10:47pm)
Rev. Bitwise: Very interesting that he feels the need to give Adam an informed choice to a much greater degree than in the biblical narrative. (10:48pm)
St. Inkfinger: Good morning (11:50pm)
vj pussycat: not yet (11:51pm)
St. Inkfinger: You're always behind on the west coast (11:52pm)
St. Inkfinger: Almost 3 here (11:52pm)
vj pussycat: I can never catch up (11:53pm)
vj pussycat: call dr octagon at 555-pp1-doo doo (11:55pm)
St. Inkfinger: Buttermustard ketchup (11:55pm)
vj pussycat: mmm (11:55pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: Tonight's Movie : Mission Implausible -- Synopsis: Dr Hal ( Tom Cruise ) and Team Valencia take on their most implausible mission yet, eradicating Puzzling Evidence -- an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying The Show. (12:06am)
nobodyouwantoknow: nuke whoever the asswipe who's censoring this chatbox (12:10am)
Delphius: What's for breakfast? (12:11am)
St. Inkfinger: Muffins (12:12am)
Delphius: what kind of muffins? (12:12am)
St. Inkfinger: Moorning glory (12:13am)
Delphius: I disagree. I will be having the buttery cinnamon crumble muffins. (12:13am)
Delphius: Delphius (12:14am)
Delphius: brains (12:14am)
Delphius: test (12:15am)
Delphius: 3:16 am here (12:15am)
St. Inkfinger: CARL?..DIDN'T GET HIS EYE SHOT OUT? (12:20am)
St. Inkfinger: Follow we do (12:25am)
Delphius: oh? (12:25am)
St. Inkfinger: sort of (12:25am)
Delphius: we be here (12:26am)
St. Inkfinger: good thing. No one else is awake here (12:26am)
Delphius: I'm alive. (12:27am)
St. Inkfinger: When will there be a Dr. Hal coloring book? (12:27am)
Delphius: There ought to be. (12:27am)
St. Inkfinger: A coloring book with real atrs would kick ass (12:28am)
St. Inkfinger: *Arts (12:28am)
Delphius: yessss (12:29am)
St. Inkfinger: It could start a movvement (12:30am)
Aldo Outer Darkness: Can't fight city hall but can buy it! (12:36am)
St. Inkfinger: I think he did, but he returned it, because it was defective. (12:38am)
Aldo Outer Darkness: Batteries not included . . . (12:39am)
St. Inkfinger: 11?!?!?!? What a lightweight (12:39am)
St. Inkfinger: Coffe & Frop, the po'bucker Subgenius speedball. (12:40am)
St. Inkfinger: Ornery old coots! (12:44am)
Aldo Outer Darkness: Calsarnit (12:44am)
St. Inkfinger: Exactly! (12:45am)
Aldo Outer Darkness: Optic nerve damage introduced me to _Bob_ (12:46am)
Aldo Outer Darkness: Beer is older than the wheel (12:51am)
Aldo Outer Darkness: Liquid bread built the pyramids, as any stout browncoat knows (12:52am)
St. Inkfinger: Honey mead mostly, but there was beer & wine. (12:53am)
St. Inkfinger: there was gleening? (12:53am)
Delphius: yesss (12:54am)
St. Inkfinger: Ain't it keen to gleen? (12:57am)
St. Inkfinger: Reminds me of the days radio actually went off the air late night. (1:01am)
Delphius: beautiful (1:01am)