Chatroom History
February 28, 2016 6:00pm - 8:31pm

#ALJOKES: R.I.P. ERIK (6:02pm)
doan "shelby cobras" buu: kill yourselves (6:02pm)
KORN-Y: hi hi (6:07pm)
#ALJOKES: Urban Dictionary for Sucking the Bag (6:10pm)
Squishface: Damn it man They taste like candy (6:14pm)
KORN-Y: hi we need 4 loko sour pls send it to us (6:30pm)
Impr3ss3d: It's so cool you got Jim Henson on the show (6:41pm)
doan "shelby cobras" buu: lol (6:42pm)
#ALJOKES: Jim Hansen (6:44pm)
Impr3ss3d: Wocka wocka wocka! (6:46pm)
Seth Koozer: Hello lovers (7:35pm)
Seth Koozer: 13 hour shift, had a beer, getting some last half hour illcon in (7:36pm)
doan "shelby cobras" buu: hi bud (7:36pm)
Seth Koozer: hi shelly colbas (7:37pm)
Seth Koozer: Tell Al I love him (7:38pm)
doan "shelby cobras" buu: he knows (7:39pm)
Seth Koozer: MTV tat (7:41pm)
#ALJOKES: love ya to Kooz (7:41pm)
Seth Koozer: GO HUSKERS (7:43pm)
#ALJOKES: wait we need Cory to wear a nebraska tshirt that says CORNHUSKLARS (7:49pm)
#ALJOKES: meme or photoshop idea (7:49pm)
Seth Koozer: hashtag Al Jokes (7:50pm)
Seth Koozer: Starry Eyes was a good satan movie... I think (7:51pm)
Seth Koozer: kiss kiss (7:59pm)