Chatroom History
February 29, 2016 8:00pm - 10:30pm

jim: Yo (9:42pm)
jim: The menace of marijuana!!! (9:43pm)
John Hell: YO YO (9:44pm)
jim: Been editing tunes all day on and off, sounds good! (9:49pm)
jim: I like the bass sound on this (9:50pm)
jim: cool (9:51pm)
Panda: Morning! (9:56pm)
John Hell: Wooden Shjips!!!!! (9:56pm)
RJ: Is there a Sex Cels tonight? (10:05pm)
Perfect_Timing: Yes. (10:07pm)
The Professor: There is! This is Panda's terrible music. (10:07pm)
Perfect_Timing: Kae is off due to illness, but some of us are here. (10:08pm)
The Professor: This is what happens when I delegate... (10:08pm)
RJ: any particular topic? (10:08pm)
Perfect_Timing: Just don't mitigate. (10:08pm)
The Professor: We have a guest in the studio! (10:09pm)
RJ: Oooo! (10:11pm)
The Professor: About to come live. =] (10:11pm)
RJ: what is under the weather to feel? (10:12pm)
RJ: I can hear Panda and the guest (10:15pm)
Panda: Live coming? (10:17pm)
miss Kae oz: howdy all (10:22pm)
Perfect_Timing: Hey you. (10:24pm)
Panda: You should be resting (10:25pm)
miss Kae oz: I am resting (10:28pm)
miss Kae oz: Listening... in bed (10:28pm)