Chatroom History
March 5, 2016 10:00am - 2:30pm

Decrepit Rectum: \m/ (10:06am)
Decrepit Rectum: Zodd, always been curious, what is that live song that plays during your intro? (10:09am)
ZODD: hmmm (10:14am)
HandoffireTom: ZODD IS A METAL GOD (10:16am)
HandoffireTom: Love that youre playing the stuff i grew up listening to (10:18am)
HandoffireTom: I really want to win tix to see Cannibal Corpse! (10:18am)
HandoffireTom: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsieroll tootsie pop? (10:20am)
Decrepit Rectum: Ask Mr. Owl (10:21am)
HandoffireTom: I know right (10:21am)
HandoffireTom: Good morning ZODD. You have my full attention. How do I win tickets to Cannibal Corpse? (10:24am)
HandoffireTom: Can you play us some HAVOK? "Point Of No Return" maybe? (10:26am)
ZODD: will be playing Cannibal later on, thats the time to call (10:26am)
HandoffireTom: Thank you (10:27am)
ZODD: and yes for Havok, coming up (10:28am)
HandoffireTom: Awesome (10:28am)
HandoffireTom: Thanks for the shout out (10:33am)
Handoffire Tom: How was SLEEP? (10:36am)
Handoffire Tom: Todd Owens, Love your show! (10:39am)
ZODD: SLEEP was Awesome! Heavy (10:51am)
Handoffire Tom: SWEET! And Thanks for playing HAVOK (10:59am)
ZODD: thanks for listening (11:02am)
Handoffire Tom: Of Course. I plan on listening more. It really helps when you remind me on fb to tune in the night before. (11:03am)
Handoffire Tom: I really do have a short attention spam (11:03am)
Handoffire Tom: Is dave Lombardo a permanent member now with S.T? (11:07am)
Handoffire Tom: Where the hell did all the time go? Man Im old (11:08am)
Handoffire Tom: Were opening that show!!! (11:09am)
Handoffire Tom: Correct (11:09am)
Handoffire Tom: HELL YEAH!!! Patrick is def. Mr. Metal! (11:10am)
Handoffire Tom: Katon is a BADASS!!! "HIRAX" is INSANE!!! (11:11am)
Handoffire Tom: Will you be doing ticket giveaways for that HIRAX show??? (11:12am)
Handoffire Tom: SEPULTURA ARISE? (11:13am)
Handoffire Tom: Thank Manny. You also rule! (11:15am)
jesikachrist: hey guys! (11:17am)
Handoffire Tom: hey. (11:18am)
Handoffire Tom: boooooooo!!!!!! (11:22am)
Handoffire Tom: I never win shit (11:23am)
Handoffire Tom: :( (11:23am)
jesikachrist: damn! missed it. busy already when i called. do you have more tix? (11:23am)
Handoffire Tom: Still was a KILLER show all the same. Thanks Todd! (11:24am)
ZODD: had 2 winners (11:24am)
Handoffire Tom: More chances to win tickets? (11:24am)
Handoffire Tom: 2 winners? Before you played them? (11:25am)
Handoffire Tom: lol (11:25am)
Handoffire Tom: sorry I just cant win nor can I have decent phone service when calling you either shit! maybe Ill still go n see you there....maybe (11:29am)
Handoffire Tom: Still got much love and respect for ya ZODD!!! (11:30am)
jesikachrist: will be there fo sho (11:30am)
Handoffire Tom: ttyl bro (11:30am)
Handoffire Tom: THOSE BASTARDS!!! (11:35am)
Handoffire Tom: Make sure Tom WINS (11:36am)
Handoffire Tom: PLAY SEPULTURA Arise (11:36am)
Handoffire Tom: Nailbomb??? (11:37am)
Handoffire Tom: I NEED COFFEE after being up so god damn early!!! (11:37am)
Handoffire Tom: Thanks for the great show Todd!!! (11:38am)
!LAM!: !LAM! (11:38am)
!LAM!: Right on ZODD!!! (11:38am)
!LAM!: Great Show!! Rebroadcast Tonight!! So your Winners can listen for their names again!! (11:40am)
Decrepit Rectum: Kick ass show! (11:52am)
ZODD: Thanks! (11:54am)
ZODD: Rage! (12:25pm)
ZODD: Brutal! (12:36pm)
DJ Jody: It's French, so I believe it's BRUTALE. :) Haha (12:38pm)
headhntr: \m/ \m/ (12:40pm)
DJ Jody: Howdy Headhntr! \m/ (12:41pm)
headhntr: howdy! Your show is a perfect way to spend a post-Sleep/Neurosis show Saturday morning. (12:43pm)
headhntr: :) (12:44pm)
DJ Jody: Yesssssss... hair of the dog! (12:44pm)
DJ Jody: Good show?? (12:44pm)
headhntr: Amazing show... (12:45pm)
DJ Jody: I bet. Jealous! (12:46pm)
DJ Jody: Headhntr, you've been listening to the Metal Asylum for a while - would you like a badass Metal Asylum tee? I have some men's larges left. A little thank you for all the Twitter shoutouts! (12:47pm)
headhntr: hells yeah! (12:48pm)
headhntr: that'd be awesome \m/ (12:48pm)
DJ Jody: Awesome! DM me your address on Twitter and I'll put one in the mail. (12:49pm)
headhntr: done! (12:51pm)
ZODD: Great Show (1:33pm)
DJ Jody: Thanks, Zodd!!! (1:39pm)