Chatroom History
March 6, 2016 2:00pm - 4:30pm

netzard: netzard (2:24pm)
netzard: Howdy! (2:24pm)
netzard: Close game (2:25pm)
netzard: Warriors 73, Lakers 84. Just started 4th quarter. (2:28pm)
netzard: No LA 97, Warriors 81 (2:38pm)
netzard: And they always lose to lousy teams (2:39pm)
netzard: vs OKC (2:40pm)
netzard: Wooden Nickel, Benders, Zeitgeist, Homestead, Lucky 13 (2:47pm)
netzard: Toronado (2:47pm)
netzard: No photos, I get that. Bullshit yuppy hangout? Terrible (2:51pm)
netzard: Lakers win (2:58pm)
netzard: Kobe's last game at Oracle. (2:58pm)
netzard: Happy hour lasted all night on Monday (3:03pm)
netzard: I miss the Attic. Shut due to noise complaints by a cranky neighbor (3:04pm)
netzard: They lost their cabaret license due to noise complaints (3:05pm)
netzard: This was before the Internet (3:10pm)
netzard: 1992 (3:29pm)
netzard: Hey, there is nothing wrong with a good martini (3:33pm)
netzard: Here I am, all alone in the chatroom... (3:37pm)
KORY: i funkin hate rickhouse (3:37pm)
KORY: fuck those guys (3:37pm)
netzard: Smuggler's Cove, up and coming Hayes Valley (3:37pm)
netzard: A seat at the bar is the way (3:38pm)
netzard: Age of the building, yo (3:44pm)
netzard: Same building... (3:45pm)
netzard: The sign (3:45pm)
Mr. River: Loved that last song!!! (4:13pm)