Chatroom History
March 8, 2016 6:00pm - 8:22pm

ed: beth orton sings 'where do i begin' (7:31pm)
ed: on the chem bros album... (7:32pm)
timmmii: yes! (7:33pm)
timmmii: couldn't remember (7:33pm)
ed: great song (7:33pm)
ed: but the orb rules... (7:39pm)
timmmii: yeah (7:41pm)
timmmii: new single (7:41pm)
timmmii: wow this track is nuts, so smooth and chill (7:54pm)
timmmii: i love me some big fat synths (7:54pm)
ed: good vibes...\ (7:55pm)
Michele K-tel: Happy International Lady Day tonight on DISCO ROTO (8:11pm)