Chatroom History
March 11, 2016 10:00pm - 1:30am

St. Inkfinger: THE DR. IS IN THE HOUSE! (10:02pm)
Dr. Penny: Praise Dr. Hal! (10:07pm)
St. Inkfinger: Just in time. Super Jail is over (10:12pm)
Dr. Delphius: I'm late! (10:13pm)
St. Inkfinger: Not really, you just missed some Stang tape (10:14pm)
Dr. Delphius: cool (10:14pm)
Dr. Delphius: Praise Dr. Hal! (10:53pm)
St. Inkfinger: Fake beer & Dr. Hal @ 2am.....does it get any better? (10:53pm)
Dr. Delphius: um (10:55pm)
Dr. Delphius: It gets better and better. (10:55pm)
St. Inkfinger: I download NHLG and listen in the car. (10:56pm)
Dr. Penny: I listen to NHLG! I love it!!!! (10:57pm)
Dr. Delphius: What's your fake beer, Stinkfinger? I haven't tried NHLG yet. So many shows. So bad at time management. (10:57pm)
St. Inkfinger: I used to listen to them at work, but I got laid off, so I download it and listen whilest driving around looking for a con to con. (10:58pm)
St. Inkfinger: Oh, BTW it's Clausthaler (10:59pm)
Dr. Delphius: That works. One of my paper routes works well with listening. (10:59pm)
Dr. Penny: I do gardening a lot an listen to ADH & NHLG while pulling weeds. (11:01pm)
St. Inkfinger: I used to listen to Hal that way, but I'm home more, so I try to at least catch the first couple hours live.. Some times I wake up in the morning and they're still going. (11:02pm)
Dr. Delphius: Indeed. (11:23pm)
Sesame Street alien: Bysshe, please. (11:39pm)
Dr. Delphius: Lovely dialogue. (11:41pm)
St. Inkfinger: SWEEET (11:41pm)
Dr. Delphius: the cinema device... I feel I should be listening with eyes closed. (11:44pm)
Dr. Delphius: the looksie scope, One of the guests in the studio may paste youtube links for content discussed... maybe... someday. it could happen. (11:46pm)
Dr. Delphius: Clausthaler is the name of a fake beer? (11:47pm)
St. Inkfinger: Yup (11:48pm)
Dr. Delphius: This video game is very difficult. (11:49pm)
Dr. Delphius: It's a digestive tract simulation. (11:49pm)
St. Inkfinger: I need to be fropped......I'm in the home stretch of putting a 32 channel mixing board back together. (11:49pm)
Dr. Delphius: Being a piece of shit is arduous. (11:49pm)
St. Inkfinger: not if you have the proper fiber (11:49pm)
Dr. Delphius: I have to jump over gerbils and slide past tampons. (11:50pm)
Dr. Delphius: The worms are very hard to avoid. (11:50pm)
Dr. Delphius: I think, because it's a French game marketed for Americans... (11:50pm)
Dr. Delphius: It's just the French saying we are shit. (11:50pm)
Dr. Delphius: 32 channel mixing board... do you have any nuts or dried fruit? (11:52pm)
St. Inkfinger: I had melon and a peanutbutter sammich (11:53pm)
Dr. Delphius: At least they're not explicitly fropping on air. (11:53pm)
Dr. Delphius: I would like some raw kale and some spicy hash. (11:54pm)
Dr. Delphius: Please. Oh. And also a new computer. (11:54pm)
St. Inkfinger: I have a new one and it not any better than the old ones (11:55pm)
Dr. Delphius: harsh. Consumer junk, eh? I'll have to save up indefinitely for a custom desktop rig. It's in the vaporous realm of fantasy for now. (11:56pm)
Dr. Delphius: Maybe I could get creative and sell worthless junk to weird Japanese people who fetishise said junk. (11:58pm)
Dr. Delphius: They do buy used panties... (11:58pm)
St. Inkfinger: everyone needs a hobby (11:59pm)
Dr. Delphius: wiry ginger beard hair for sale. magical properties! extra luck with ladies! (12:00am)
St. Inkfinger: lol, the bong is missing (12:03am)
Dr. Delphius: Dear Dr. Hal, do you think eccentric or uniquely perverted citizens of Nippon would pay for samples of my beard? (12:03am)
Dr. Delphius: attention span sucks. I should not be looking at a screen. (12:10am)
St. Inkfinger: I just finished putting all the knobs back on the board (12:12am)
Dr. Delphius: excellent (12:13am)
Dr. Delphius: I would call in, but Dr. Hal said "woe be to he.." (12:13am)
St. Inkfinger: Picked it up for free because they were throwing it out. I took it appart and cleaned it. And it works fine. (12:14am)
Dr. Delphius: congratulations, Mr. Stinky Finger (12:15am)
vj pussycat: what's the movie? (12:15am)
Dr. Delphius: not a clue (12:16am)
Dr. Delphius: Jungle? (12:16am)
vj pussycat: thank you (12:16am)
vj pussycat: found it (12:16am)
St. Inkfinger: Lost Jungle (12:16am)
Dr. Delphius: goodie! you've acquired a stream URL? (12:17am)
Dr. Delphius: chewing tube now... (12:17am)
Dr. Delphius: (12:18am)
Dr. Delphius: we need that tube synching shenanigans that Argus Faux does with [slacktube] (12:20am)
vj pussycat: I'm synced (12:21am)
Dr. Delphius: i think i am (12:21am)
Dr. Delphius: I muted it on my computer. (12:22am)
vj pussycat: me too. I'm off by maybe half a second (12:22am)
Dr. Delphius: I'm not synced. (12:23am)
vj pussycat: she's pg'd (12:23am)
Dr. Delphius: 9:00? (12:24am)
vj pussycat: 7:57 (12:24am)
vj pussycat: 8:30 (12:25am)
Dr. Delphius: thanks (12:25am)
Dr. Delphius: Right when he said, "It's the duty of the prisoner to escape," I was exiting the the doody simulation game. The object of the game is to escape the digestive tract. (12:26am)
vj pussycat: you can't leave now pete (12:28am)
vj pussycat: it's just getting good (12:29am)
Dr. Delphius: Muahahahaaa (12:29am)
Amen to that: Can't he, though? (12:29am)
Dr. Delphius: I'm synched! Thanks to VJ Pussycat. (12:29am)
vj pussycat: yay! (12:29am)
vj pussycat: which one is Clyde? (12:30am)
vj pussycat: sailing takes me away (12:30am)
vj pussycat: the one with the gun (12:33am)
vj pussycat: he's a regular sigfield (12:38am)
vj pussycat: or Roy (12:38am)
St. Inkfinger: what time is it at? (12:40am)
vj pussycat: 24:20 (12:41am)
Dr. Delphius: 24:40 (12:41am)
Dr. Delphius: 25:15 (12:42am)
St. Inkfinger: thanks (12:42am)
vj pussycat: he does have a laptop (12:43am)
Dr. Delphius: Thanks for joining us! (12:43am)
Dr. Delphius: I'll have to save this URL with the archived podcast. (12:48am)
Dr. Delphius: No. I'll DL the vid for offline viewing and label it with the podcast mp3. (12:49am)
Dr. Delphius: Just think, Clyde. (1:00am)
Dr. Delphius: We could have retractable tentacles... (1:01am)
Dr. Delphius: Those 3 hours flew by. I was going to call it but there didn't seem to be an appropriate time. (1:02am)
vj pussycat: same bear (1:03am)
Dr. Delphius: call in* (1:03am)
vj pussycat: call in after the movie (1:04am)
vj pussycat: Google (1:04am)
Dr. Delphius: google who? (1:05am)
vj pussycat: the other people on the island (1:05am)
Dr. Delphius: google the blonde (1:07am)
Dr. Delphius: Before they started making them wear pointy robo-bras. (1:07am)
vj pussycat: tastes like chicken (1:11am)
St. Inkfinger: tastes like pork (1:11am)
Dr. Delphius: St. Inkfinger is a people eater! (1:12am)
St. Inkfinger: long pork (1:12am)
Dr. Penny: Tastie iguana. (1:12am)
Dr. Delphius: exploding weenies in the microwave: an artform (1:13am)
St. Inkfinger: iT's a gift (1:13am)
Dr. Delphius: I still ignorantly assert that most weenies, bologne, and spam have people in them. (1:13am)
St. Inkfinger: Smoked sausage tonight, but I scored them first, so they wouldn't pop. (1:14am)
Dr. Delphius: meat chatter followed by pits (1:15am)
Dr. Delphius: smoldering pits (1:15am)
Dr. Delphius: yawning, abysmal chasms greedily swallowing the endless overflow of writhing, crawling humanity (1:15am)
Dr. Delphius: a constant flow of noxious smoke, bearing the scent of every living earthly thing burning (1:17am)
Dr. Delphius: smoldering, churning into pitch (1:17am)
Dr. Delphius: with little weenies and pineapple slices (1:18am)
Dr. Delphius: HAHAHAAAAA (1:20am)
Dr. Delphius: too bad Clyde doesn't get eaten (1:20am)
Dr. Delphius: maybe in the new fan edit coming out eventually in some dark corner of the internet (1:21am)
Dr. Penny: No animals were harmed in the making of this film. (1:23am)
Dr. Delphius: smoked weenies and pineapple slices (1:24am)
Dr. Delphius: with a side of infernal doom and oblivion (1:25am)
vj pussycat: save it (1:26am)
vj pussycat: I'm sleepy (1:26am)
Dr. Delphius: sleepy (1:26am)
vj pussycat: zzzzzz (1:27am)
St. Inkfinger: giant sausage with sharp cheddar and horseradich mustard. (1:27am)
Dr. Delphius: YES! (1:28am)
vj pussycat: oh man (1:28am)
vj pussycat: ok get the drugs out (1:28am)
Dr. Delphius: Time for kung pao tofu leftovers. (1:28am)
Dr. Delphius: please teleport hash or frop to my coordinates (1:29am)
Dr. Delphius: Bad Girls Go To Hell -searching.... (1:29am)
vj pussycat: found it (1:29am)