Chatroom History
April 3, 2016 6:00pm - 6:31pm

Cobras: hi pals (6:04pm)
TammyTooDope: GET LOUD AL (6:21pm)
TammyTooDope: My mom just asked me if I'm listening to this because I'm high. (6:21pm)
Cobras: hi tim tam (6:21pm)
Cobras: tell your mom hi (6:22pm)
TammyTooDope: She said "who are you talking to?!" (6:22pm)
Cobras: "losers, mom" (6:23pm)
TammyTooDope: Her tone implied as much. (6:24pm)
Gooniestorm: Who do you guys think is gonna win the wrestle mania? (6:27pm)
Cobras: sara murphy (6:27pm)
TammyTooDope: Al (6:29pm)
Gooniestorm: Is she one of the "divas?" (6:29pm)
TammyTooDope: Damn. See you guys at Babs (6:31pm)