Chatroom History
April 2, 2016 10:00am - 2:28pm

Mod-U-Lok!: \m/\m/ (kneeling) (10:01am)
ZODD: RAGE! (10:04am)
Mod-U-Lok!: Fuck yeah!!! (10:04am)
StevePick/Turdlock: Rage! (10:45am)
!LAM!: ZODD!!! (11:06am)
!LAM!: Picky!!!! (11:06am)
malderor: \m/ (11:08am)
!LAM!: Courtney!! (11:12am)
!LAM!: Manny here (11:12am)
!LAM!: Last Angry ..ha! (11:12am)
!LAM!: ZODD! may I request some ManOwaR?! (11:14am)
!LAM!: MannyOwaR! (11:14am)
!LAM!: ...Bridge of Death! (11:14am)
malderor: hungover as shit. the metal is helping. (11:19am)
ZODD: COOL (11:20am)
ZODD: Looking for you Manny (11:21am)
!LAM!: malderor! metal helps in everything ...hangovers, erectile dysfunction, menopause and Donald Trumpism' are just a few examples (11:21am)
!LAM!: ...killer! Mandatory ManOwaR (11:21am)
!LAM!: Thank You ZODD!! (11:27am)
ZODD: \m/ !!! (11:27am)
!LAM!: Stoner! Cough!! (11:27am)
malderor: ha! we're supposed to have a "cough button" on a "professional" radio station, but that's not what it's for. (11:28am)
!LAM!: "I know the one who waits for me" "SATAN is his name!" (11:31am)
ZODD: Lam Jody is out today... (11:33am)
!LAM!: oh shizzle, are you covering? (11:33am)
ZODD: ill stay for awhile (11:34am)
!LAM!: maderor, are you down with covering for Lady Jody @ noon? more metal! (11:34am)
malderor: my hangover is epic. got any Primordial? (11:34am)
malderor: uh... (11:34am)
!LAM!: (11:35am)
malderor: i'm in my jammies, hungover as snot. i would have to run like the wind to get to the station...and i'm supposed to DJ the Roxie thing later. (11:35am)
malderor: you wanna tag-team it? (11:35am)
malderor: manny? (11:36am)
!LAM!:'s all good, ZODD can stay a bit, i will do what i can to cover the rest, Thank you have a killer Roxie show my brother of Metal!! (11:37am)
!LAM!: of the dog Maderor! ..keep the party going! Rock the Roxie!! (11:38am)
malderor: I'm confused. Are you at the station, manny? are you going to cover remotely? (also, this first morning beer is gooood.) (11:39am)
!LAM!: no, im heading there to cover (11:42am)
!LAM!: mmm cerveza in la manana! (11:42am)
malderor: want me to come down to help out? (11:43am)
!LAM!: ZODD im coming overr, c u soon (11:43am)
ZODD: ok (11:45am)
Mod-U-Lok!: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! \m/ (12:22pm)
PT Daniel: I recognize that (12:25pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: I modestly request Okonomi Thunder Fire! (12:25pm)
ZODD: coming up (12:29pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: Yes! Thank you! (12:30pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: Manny!!!!!!!!!!!! (12:35pm)
!LAM!: MUL!! (1:03pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: Wheels of Fire by Manowar (1:12pm)
!LAM!: ...if your still conscious i just learned to read....yes! MannyOwaR looking (1:20pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: That was good! We need more Metal Karaoke in the Bay Area (1:21pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: \m/ (1:21pm)
!LAM!: ...thank you you are very kind (1:23pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: this guy sounds like Bill Maher, the demonic version (1:27pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: Satanically Incorrect (1:27pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: Crap, I was gonna ask for MORE GOAT SEMEN! but maybe next time (1:48pm)
!LAM!: the LATF show next Sat @ 10asm (1:49pm)
Mod-U-Lok!: Awesome! (1:50pm)
!LAM!: GOAT, PIG, SATAN, KITTY GATO semen and more next Sat 4/9 (1:50pm)
ZODD: Manny! (1:53pm)