Chatroom History
April 9, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

KORN-Y: i like this funk (6:40pm)
fropchopula: rock the chatbox (7:25pm)
fropchopula: tell bubbles to email (7:25pm)
fropchopula: tell krob swank (7:27pm)
fropchopula: oh yeah fire the phone guy thx (7:27pm)
fropchopula: fropchopula was hear d (7:28pm)
KORN-Y: theres no phone guy (7:29pm)
fropchopula: gdmt well hire a phone guy (7:30pm)
fropchopula: sup korndogg? (7:31pm)
KORN-Y: yoyo (7:32pm)
fropchopula: booper knows show (7:34pm)
fropchopula: SHIT... PHINNY BURNED THE NOODLES (7:35pm)
So I Follow Julian: Some feminist music while laundry on a Saturday night! Thanks for making a chore fun! (7:35pm)
erin eyesore: @soifollow hiii / crap i need to do laundry too (7:36pm)
fropchopula: ppl are saying show is run by lezzards (7:37pm)
erin eyesore: accurate (7:37pm)
fropchopula: hey i got a def lezzard tape today for FIFTEEN cents (7:38pm)
fropchopula: good song, damn punks (7:39pm)
fropchopula: haha what is this mashup? (7:40pm)
So I Follow Julian: :) (7:44pm)
fropchopula: ribbonaroundbomb has the p-rawk (7:50pm)
fropchopula: keep your faux hawk... she brought the p-rawk (7:51pm)
fropchopula: next up.. e-dijery funk (7:54pm)
fropchopula: praise "bob" (8:00pm)
fropchopula: very smooth (8:01pm)
fropchopula: breaking new: Trump bans the tacocat with his burrito blocker "the wall" (8:04pm)
fropchopula: who names these things? (8:06pm)
fropchopula: lips and rythym.. plumps when u cook'm (8:06pm)
fropchopula: NO MSG (8:06pm)
fropchopula: headed to the lobby.. on lnr (8:08pm)
fropchopula: ice skating rink... smells funny (8:10pm)
fropchopula: is this not irritating? (8:14pm)
fropchopula: holyshit fckng kill it u jist lost a simple majority (8:16pm)
fropchopula: and the show died. how long is this loop? (8:17pm)
fropchopula: im tellin goldie (8:18pm)
fropchopula: was this in the disaster bin @ walwhirld? (8:27pm)
fropchopula: it NEVER DIES (8:28pm)