Chatroom History
April 10, 2016 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Netzard: Driving along the Hilo coast while listening (4:55pm)
Netzard: A little hula music would not go amiss %uD83D%uDE09%uD83C%uDF34 (4:57pm)
Netzard: Guess chat room does not play well with emoticons (4:58pm)
Malderor: Hey, these were MY guests! Hello, Outta Sorts! (5:13pm)
Malderor: Cheap hooch. Riding my coattails again. (5:13pm)
erin eyesore: Holly Hooch (5:38pm)
erin eyesore: don (5:38pm)
erin eyesore: don't know if you noticed but they were happier with us (5:38pm)
malderor: they're happier with Applejack anyway... (5:52pm)
Shilly Bocas: hi everyone (6:03pm)
ALVSURE: hello (6:03pm)
Ron and Crystal: good to hear you sarah! (6:17pm)
FormerCEO: First time catching ill con live (6:25pm)
Shilly Bocas: sorry (6:27pm)