Chatroom History
April 24, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: hi pals (6:04pm)
ALVSURE: i like shelby rhea (6:07pm)
Ron Stark: Yeah get a booth! (6:24pm)
Gooniestorm: I got kicked out of weird al at the county fair (6:25pm)
Gooniestorm: I was waaaaaaysted (6:26pm)
KORY: haha i remember that (6:27pm)
KORY: Adam on shortly (6:27pm)
Ron Stark: The best in the biz! (6:29pm)
Ron Stark: If there's time: (6:30pm)
Ron Stark: ask about "order of nine angles" or "o 9 a" (6:33pm)
Ron Stark: ask about Ronald Hadley Stark. Who is he...really? (6:34pm)
Tombstone Tammy: I don't know what's going on. Where's the rewind button? (6:34pm)
Ron Stark: ask about why no one wants to talk about the link between psychedelics and ufo's? (6:35pm)
Sara Murphy: Tommy! The guest is Adam Gorightly (6:36pm)
Sara Murphy: Look him up -- or just listen (6:36pm)
Tombstone Tammy: WELL WHICH ONE? I only got one brain dude. (6:36pm)
Ron Stark: ufo's as interdimensional vs. extraterrestrial entities.. (6:37pm)
Sara Murphy: Choose yer own adventure dood (6:37pm)
Ron Stark: son of sam and manson link? (6:37pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: Ron Stark: Listen to last week's Nights After Dark. They went deep on that subject. (6:37pm)
Ron Stark: process church in san francisco (6:38pm)
Ron Stark: oh really!? great thanks, shelby (6:39pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: yessir (6:39pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: Interdimensional vs extraterrestial UFOs, I mean (6:40pm)
Ron Stark: wasnt the first "principia disordia" printed on garrisson's xerox machine?? (6:41pm)
Ron Stark: thornley broke in and printed it! (6:41pm)
Tombstone Tammy: How does this dude feel about SNAX tho? (6:47pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Donde Alberto? (6:48pm)
fropchopula: (6:49pm)
Ron Stark: Jim Keith (6:49pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: Al's here, he's just on Facebook (6:49pm)
ALVSURE: im looking info about bruce glover (6:52pm)
Ron Stark: yeah they run a dog recue farm in utah (6:52pm)
fropchopula: (6:53pm)
fropchopula: my grampa put the uberbooper in space (6:53pm)
Ron Stark: Best Friends Animal Society (6:54pm)
fropchopula: white dogs only (6:54pm)
Ron Stark: process church may have dissolved into 0 9 a (6:54pm)
fropchopula: "privelaged pups" (6:55pm)
ALVSURE: someone get me chicken fried rice and dennisons (6:56pm)
fropchopula: fresh outa waffles (6:56pm)
Tombstone Tammy: How r u not sponsored by Dennisons by now? They owe you... (6:57pm)
ALVSURE: it's gonna happen (6:57pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: we were just talking about this yesterday (6:57pm)
fropchopula: maybe its an orphan thing (6:58pm)
Tombstone Tammy: BRAND SYNERGY (6:58pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: we're gonna shoot an unsolicited dennison's commercial and send it to them (6:58pm)
Tombstone Tammy: (Bart Scott gif) (6:59pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Ask Al what that means... (6:59pm)
Ron Stark: ill con should go to integreton and make a vid or remote (6:59pm)
Ron Stark: excellent interview!! (6:59pm)
ALVSURE: ask me what? (6:59pm)
rick wakeman: don dokken recorded an album in the integrtron (7:00pm)
Tombstone Tammy: What the Bart Scott clip means...duh (7:00pm)
Ron Stark: is integretron on 33 parallel? (7:01pm)
KORY: CALL IN 415 962 7979 (7:04pm)
Tombstone Tammy: None of their dads respect them? (7:13pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Only poseurs pay rent! (7:14pm)
ALVSURE: lol (7:14pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Quit news shaming Cory (7:20pm)
Patrick: its for Zyclon B (7:25pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Bucca de puppo (7:27pm)
Tombstone Tammy: No "Lemonade" talk?! Smh (7:42pm)
Craven Rock: Last Temptation of Christ (7:44pm)
Shelby "Amphibian" Cobras: hiya Craven! (7:46pm)
KORY: LEMONADE IS Earth shattering feminst powerhouse (7:46pm)
KORY: i havent seen it (7:47pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Zohan 4 lyfe (7:47pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Spanglish < Funny People (7:49pm)
ALVSURE: funny people suuuuuuucks (7:52pm)
Tombstone Tammy: You just don't get it, maaaan... (7:53pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Shelby blowing my mind here guys...#woke (7:55pm)
Craven Rock: The first Gremlins was four hours long. That's why there's so many loose ends and weirdness in it. Got all chopped up. (7:58pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Cool EP bro's (8:00pm)
KORY: thanks !!!!! TAMM!!!! (8:04pm)