Chatroom History
April 12, 2016 5:00pm - 7:21pm

timmmii: crystal (6:21pm)
ed: mystery (6:29pm)
timmmii: cosmic (6:34pm)
ed: entrance (6:38pm)
timmmii: facade (6:43pm)
ed: commune (6:45pm)
timmmii: bastion (6:48pm)
timmmii: canyon (6:48pm)
timmmii: festoon (6:53pm)
timmmii: ed, check out Bibio. pretty interesting stuff, (6:54pm)
ed: ok...i'll give it a search (6:58pm)
timmmii: albums vary, this is now a bibio remix of wax stag. whereas the previous trck was the reverse (6:59pm)
ed: pretty sweet (6:59pm)
timmmii: wax stag more synthy, bibio more treacly warped guitar loops and warbly sounds (7:00pm)
timmmii: lots of warbles, apparently (7:01pm)
ed: warbles are good (7:01pm)
timmmii: :) (7:01pm)
timmmii: indeed! i just wrote warbles down, so i wouldn't forget (7:01pm)